Friday, March 5, 2010

All Thumbs Friday

I'm borrowing a post theme from mep today, a day late for All Thumbs Thursday.

Thumbs Up:
  • The song "Here Comes the Sun" has been running through my head all morning, and I actually had to wear my sunglasses in the car on the way to drop O. off at school!
  • The prospect of dinner out this evening, even if it will just be chips and salsa and enchiladas with the kids at the local Mexican joint. J. already asked where I wanted to go, to avoid the inevitable low blood sugar discussion in the driveway at 5PM, so now I have all day to think about where we would all like to go.
  • O. spent a delightful half hour yesterday preparing a home in a cardboard box for the first ladybug of the season. He was a little bummed when it flew away, but recovered at the thought of lots more creatures to discover in the coming (warmer) weeks.
  • N. may soon get to eat eggs baked in things! Pending some allergy testing next week, the allergist thinks she should be able to tolerate them in this form. Goodbye, Diet Sprite cake recipe, and hello again, brownies! Also, she has to be off her allergy medication for a week before the testing, and so far, has not had a major eczema flareup!
  • The return of non-rerun television this week!
  • J. and O. went to the grocery store last evening to get dog food and came home with snacks for everyone! Mmmm. Dill pickle chips.
  • A whole stack of library books is waiting for me on reserve at the local branch. Which will I get into first?? I've been relying on my own backlog of neglected books for too long.

Thumbs Down:
  • N. has lately begun to wake at all hours of the night wanting to snuggle in our bed, and hardly EVER sleeps later than 6:00AM.
  • Having to tell N. the names of all the "girls" in the American Girl catalog for the fiftieth time.
  • I'm not exactly thrilled with the competition on American Idol this season. I'll still watch and all, but it's pretty much been a snoozefest so far.
  • O's recent resistance to school on Wednesdays (ie: Chapel Day). Thought we were finally over having to have him peeled off of me by the teacher. In his defense, I don't think chapel is probably all that fun.
  • Scout's new wireless invisible fence continues to act oddly. Her collar beeps at all hours of the day and night, and requires an elaborate reset procedure.
  • Having to turn on word verification on the comments section of the blog. Getting far too tired of the spam on old posts and its accompanying let down that I'm not actually getting a new, fun comment.
Oh, and a little update/correction on the grocery post from earlier this week:
  • The Eggo situation is not a recall situation, or in any way related to quality of food. I think it's just a production problem, so there is never enough inventory. Didn't mean to alarm anyone.
  • Onions are actually a relatively safe vegetable to buy the conventional version. I did a little checking, and they are actually on the "clean" list (ones you can save money by not buying organic because the risk of pesticides is relatively low). Potatoes ARE high on the "dirty dozen" list and are a good organic buy. I thought since they both grew underground, they'd both be bad. I'm guessing it has to do with the fact that you discard a lot of the outer layers. Now, if I can just find some non-moldy ones...


Stacia said...

Mmmmmmm, Mexican food ... That would make my thumbs-up list for sure!

PS: Boo, spammers. I know how you feel.

Jennifer said...

Just this very week, I received notice that 4 of my reserved books at the library had finally come. I should not be goofing around on the Internet, but furiously reading my 4 books!

mep said...

What a responsible blogger you are, making sure you've got the backs of Eggo and the onion people!

I hear you on the spammers, such a let down to think, "Oh, a comment!" and then find an ad for Viagra written in a foreign language.

Denise said...

I like the idea of the thumbs up/thumbs down post - very fun!

Amen on the spammers - I'm always bummed to find a viagra ad posted in the comments. But I guess on the bright side, I'm very popular with the robots that seem to favor my blog!