Thursday, March 11, 2010

All Thumbs Thursday

Thank you again, mep for such an easy way to get a blog post written!

Thumbs Up this Thursday:
  • Results of N.'s allergy testing: NEGATIVE for eggs! Hooray and hurrah, and welcome back to the world of real baked goods!! I can't tell you how much easier this makes my life! We won't be adding scrambled eggs to the menu quite yet, but we already celebrated with powdered sugar donuts for dessert last evening. My mom took the photo with her camera, so I don't have it share with you, but let me tell you, the white sugared grin was priceless!
  • J. is on his flight home as I write this, and O. seems not to have kept his promise to "stay up all night to see Daddy".
  • Third evening in a row without Daddy entertainment: 20 minutes playing with Christmas gift soap ball with toy hidden inside in the bathroom; 5 minutes searching for bathing suits while pleading with Mommy to please get them so we can swim in the sink with our newfound dolphin; 45 minutes doing laps in the bathtub with said dolphin -- no complaints about getting hair washed halfway through.
  • My brother and sister in law have agreed to have O. and N. at their house tomorrow night for their first sleepover so J. and I can go out to dinner with some friends who will be in town. (this is adding to O's anticipation of tomorrow and reluctance to go to sleep. He cannot wait!)
  • Grandma Choo-Choo (J.'s mom) is coming to visit on Saturday!
  • Pinkalicious serendipity. N. pulled this charming book randomly from the shelf at the library on Tuesday, and was delighted with the pink cupcake eating girl who turns completely pink after eating a few too many. The next day, on the way home from allergy testing, just as I was thinking about what sort of treat I should buy her for bravely handling the skin pricks and accompanying itching, the kids meal I picked up at Burger King for her featured, you guessed it: an adorable little figurine of Pinkalicious! She took it to bed with her after showing it proudly off to Grandma and Grandpa.

  • My cousin-in-law's great new Etsy store: Gracie Leigh by Shelly She has impeccable taste, and her product reflects that. If you're looking for a baby gift, she has some adorable purses for little girls and some great bibs: all in great color combinations. She also has handbags for you, and great vintage housewares finds. All the sort of thing you'd love to find at the sort of hip, and fun boutique you would shop at if you could actually go to those sorts of places with children in tow. Never fear, you can order them right from her site! She's starting with just a few select things on the store, but will add more as she designs and creates them. She tells me she has lots of great fabric around and would be glad to make you something in a different color combination if you just send her an email. I hope you'll go check it out!
Thumbs Down:
  • N's relatively recent bedtime request for both of her music boxes to be wound up. Each plays a different song, so the noises coming over the monitor are startlingly like that you'd hear in a particularly creepy scene from a bad horror film.
  • Springtime rainstorms (though I am thankful thankful they are not snow showers) makefor muddy dog paws, and I'm not always as quick or effective with the towel to wipe them off as I should be.
  • Too much money spent on fast food this week. (see BK note above)

P.S. I was struggling a little to come up with more Thumbs Down, and decided not to sweat it, but instead be thankful!


Stacia said...

Oh, man, I absolutely need a powdered sugar donut now. Yum! And Pinkalicious is a favorite at our house, too. Did you know there's also a Purplicious and a Goldilicious? We haven't read them yet but surely that deserves more thumbs up!

Anonymous said...

I struggled with thumbs down when leaving a comment on mep's need to force some negatives! So happy about N's results. Pinkilicious is a favorite too though I find Purpleicious (100% sure I spelled that wrong) to be a weak follow up. That is as close to a book review as you will get from me by the way:). LAP

Heather said...

Love your thumbs up's! Have fun this weekend with just grownups...woo-hoo! And great news about the allergy (or no allergy, as the case may be).

I'm with you on the rain and the mud. I've practically given up on finding a pair of clean shoes for Gabe to wear to school...

Have a great weekend!

mep said...

Both thumbs way up on this list! So excited for N and her re-entry into the world of cupcakes and donuts!

We also enjoy Pinkalicious (except that I tone down the page where all the green vegetables get described as disgusting--still hoping some day my kids will decide to eat something green).

Have fun on your night out!

Can't wait to check out the etsy store!

Cynthia said...

Thumbs LOST tom!

Thumbs down...last season:(