Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring is in the air...

I'm marking it on the calendar -- yesterday was the first park day of the season!

After N's music class and O's preschool, we picked up some Happy Meals and headed up to a park near us that has that spongy mat-type stuff for a base, rather than muddy mulch. We met O's friend from school, and had a glorious time breathing in the sunshiny air. O. and his friend ran and climbed and pretended they were explorers.

N. even decided to lose the clingy attitude she's had in public for the last couple of months and actually went down a couple of slides by herself. She also served up some pretend ice cream from underneath the playset. Pink or white was on the menu. Yum! I sure had been missing my pretend ice cream.

The only snag in the visit was that the restrooms were not yet open for the season. There was a port a potty on location. As far as we've come on the toilet training for N., I am really just not ready to navigate a port a john. Call me a bad mommy if you will, but I told her that this was a legitimate emergency, the very reason we still wear Pull-Ups in public, and she would just have to take care of business in her pants. I promised I would take her to the car and change right away, and we did. She made sure to announce to her brother at the top of her voice upon our return: "O! Potty is wocked! Wocked!! Have to pee in Pull-Up!"

Later, some further business had to be conducted in the van, as my girl apparently can no longer poop in public. Good for her, but I am really not looking forward to the many many situations we will find ourselves in the coming summer months when toilet access is less than ideal. If I were a better mother, we'd have our own portable set up in the back of the van. I'd also have extra changes of clothes and not just tell my kid: "It's just milk, it'll dry" when she spills half her milk jug on her lap.

So, add to the list of projects: revamp and restock the traveling closet that is my van. Sunscreen, bubble stuff, beach towels, balls? All sound a lot more fun than mismatched mittens and snowscrapers. Hooray!

Speaking of spring projects, there were no less than three status updates among my Facebook friends this morning related to spring cleaning. I personally was on a little bit of a cleaning frenzy this morning, though I'm not sure I would have labelled it "spring cleaning." I'm never sure what that process actually entails, or whether it actually gets done at my house.

I don't know about you, but I picture someone hauling the rugs out to the clothesline and beating on them with a tennis racket, and lots of buckets full of watered down Clorox. I'm pretty sure my grandmother's idea of spring cleaning involved moving the furniture in the living room and her bedroom from its winter configuration to its summer one. She still can't understand how anyone can stand to have furniture stay in the same place all year long. My mom's house is always clean, so I think for her, she'd probably get to something like cleaning behind the refrigerator once the birds started chirping.

For me, this morning's "spring clean" consisted of stripping sheets off of all the beds, opening windows to let some fresh air in, throwing all the bathroom rugs into the laundry room to hopefully get washed sometime soon, and scrubbing some Pop Tart "fruit" off of a toilet seat. (Oh yes, it's all about the bathroom adventures around here these days. Sorry.)

So tell me, what's on your spring cleaning regimen? What should I be adding to my to-do list, when and if I ever get caught up on regular old cleaning?


Stacia said...

We had a pretend bus ride at the park the other day. Sure could have used some delicious pretend pink ice cream to go along with it! =>

PS: Have you ever heard of the Potette? Check Amazon for it ... A friend recommended it, and it's a lifesaver for public potty emergencies.

PPS: Spring cleaning. Ugh.

mep said...

A park day sounds glorious! We drove past yesterday, but there was still snow on half of the playground. Soon though soon . . .

In case it makes you feel better, I don't roll with extra clothes or a portable potty, though I'm intrigued by the potette.

As for spring cleaning? All the cleaning I've done to show my house probably still wouldn't equal many people's standards for a "good spring clean."