Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tips from the Small World

How to Pass Time Adjusting to Daylight Savings,
While a New Roof is Installed at Your House.
(and your Mommy has a nasty cold)
Tips from an almost five year old and a two and a half year old

  • Stand in the front yard and watch the guys on the roof with binoc-ee-lars.
  • Set up your little table and chairs in the dining room right by the window so you can watch the shingles being lifted up to the roof on a really cool powered bucket thing connected to a ladder.
  • Every ten minutes, put on a different pair of the "new" underwear from the grocery bag full of hand me downs sent by your cousin. (Is this gross?)
  • Brick a nap* even though the workers are not even working above your bed, even though yesterday you eventually had no problem sleeping through the scraping, pounding, and stomping one inch from your head after Mommy spent an unsucessful half hour trying to get you to sleep in your pack 'n play in the basement.
  • Learn how to climb out of your pack 'n play. (see above)
  • Pretend to "blow eyeballs" at your sister (similar to blowing kisses only designed to get someone to be disgusted). She will of course be unfazed and just say "I wiping them off and throwing them on ground!"
  • Continue to be fascinated with creating "swimming pools" for toy animals in every sink in the house. Add grass pulled from the yard for "water plants." "Accidentally" take off your clothes and try to go swimming with the animals in the sink. Act amazed that there is a corresponding pool on the floor, but agree that you should be the one to clean up the mess (with some help from Mom).
  • Help make these cool rainbow cupcakes that Mom found in Family Fun magazine to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.
  • Halfway through making cupcakes, suddenly act very ill, complaining of "belly hurting", uncontrollable crying, and possible fever, causing Mommy to cancel the babysitter and her plans to go to Bible Study.
  • Half an hour later, after refusing dinner, request a cupcake while running around the kitchen as if you've never been sick a day in your life, and ask why babysitter is not coming.
  • Ask impossible questions. "Why did God make there be sickness if it makes you feel so yucky?"
  • Come up with your own answers. "I know. Because he just wanted to try out his magic."
*term stolen from mep


Stacia said...

Wow, those cupcakes are colorful! Those would cure whatever was ailing me, too. =>

mep said...

Hilarious! We have a plumber coming on Friday and I already dread trying to keep the kids occupied and out of his way (extra bonus is that Bub has no school on Friday).

Those cupcakes are pretty amazing! Wow!

Also, let's talk about the head full of cute curls that N is now sporting and about how breezy she is about throwing those eyeballs on the ground!!!!

Heather said...

First off, your babies are adorable.

And the cupcakes? Wow!

We've had the bellyache bug at our house this week, but unfortunately it lasted two days, not thirty minutes. What a stinker!

Gabe always wants to make friends with the workers if we have anything done. Or the Time Warner guy. Or the people who bought his bed off of Craigslist. Kids crack me up.

So, is the roof done yet?

Anonymous said...

Those cupcakes rock!
Wonder if there will be any when I get home?

CaraBee said...

Look at all of N's hair! Finally!

We live across from an elementary and middle schools. They are having baseball practice there after school, which is fine, except the coach blasts music from his pickup truck directly across the street from our house. While Sophie is napping. It makes me stabby.