Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's a Jungle Out There

Remember back on Mother's Day, when one of my gifts was a little vegetable garden?
Well, just a couple of weeks past Father's Day, and a season that has been filled with many rainstorms, that little garden that I never expected to yield much of anything has grown into this:

Holy wow, I'm not even really sure what to do with this. Obviously next year I'm going to have to scale back a little, or at least not choose so many vining varieties. My mom suggesting extending the garden the length of the house. I'd love to do that, except for the fact that the utilities for the house enter about six feet down from the edge of this garden, and I'd hate to see J. dig into something shocking.

The cucumbers have kind of taken over, so much so I was worried about my green beans. But we've harvested enough to have them for two meals now, so I guess they're doing okay. I'd prune, but I'm not even sure where to start. The cucumbers are all entertwined with everything else. They're so green and healthy and amazing the way they keep sending out tendrils it makes me feel terrible to cut too much of them. I keep pulling them off and training them along the fence, and thinking of pickles. My kids LOVE pickles.

And these have me dreaming of a roasted tomato sauce and some salsa. Can't wait.


Stacia said...

I just made some salsa with our tomatoes. Tomorrow? Bruschetta. =>

And we had green beans, too, for the first time, but I was disappointed in them. Or, more likely, my culinary skills. How did you serve yours??

CaraBee said...

Wow! So impressed with your gardening prowess!

I've got a container garden going. Just some herbs and strawberries and cucumbers. No fruits or veggies yet, though. I got a late start, so I worry they won't produce, but I'm babying them, so fingers crossed!

Heather said...

Good job, E! It looks amazing!

I am drooling over the tomatoes in my garden, as well. And I'm with you on the vining veggies; my butternut squash is OWNING the garden right now, and I am the only person who will eat it, and I have four plants.

Need any squash?

mep said...

My only gardening goal for this summer is to keep my basil plant from shriveling up.

Your garden looks fantastic, and I definitely want a post on making pickles with the kids!

Speaking of pickles, my mom found some of our Sweet Pickles books and we've been enjoying them when we visit my parents.