Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Jesus Post, Trying Not to be Sacreligious

It seems that after last night, the drive north on I-75 to my parents' house will be a little sadder.

Ever since O. was old enough to talk, we'd spend the 40 minute trip looking out for sights such as backhoes, cranes, and dump trucks.

And then when we approached the Monroe, OH exit, we could always count on spotting the many giraffe statues on the roof of Trader's World flea market.

"Where's Jesus?" would always be O's next question,
and it wasn't a metaphysical one. Right next door to the flea market is another hallmark of Midwestern culture, a non-denominational mega-church. Complete with Ohio's own version of Touchdown Jesus:

But after last night's powerful storms, the statue was apparently struck by lightning, and now looks like this:

A little bit sad, because the statue did always inspire some thoughtful questions from O., ("Is Jesus all around us everywhere?" "How can Jesus be so big but also be in my heart?").

However, I've never been sure that this is what I want my children picturing in their minds' eyes when they think of God -- a little too cartoony, too ostentatious. Perhaps they'll rethink their design when planning to rebuild?


Anonymous said...

Too bad it wasn't the one in Southbend...

mep said...

I love O's Jesus questions and agree with you that rethinking the design might be a good idea. It's the coming out of the water that was particularly off to me -- like a LochNess Jesus or something.

Stacia said...

That's hilarious, um, I mean, terrible. =>