Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's been a while since we've had some O and N speak...

O: "Oh, I can't reach it! I wish I had magnet hands!"

N: "Mommy, you make my heart super happy!" (Later I learned this came from Kai-Lan. I'm going to choose to ignore that and pretend it was spontaneous and earned...)

N: "O. Do you know why you do not have some bracelets? Because you are not a girl. So you are not so happy, betuz you do not have any jewelry."

O: (looking at a picture in the newspaper) "Are those striped pajamas, or is he in jail?"

N., after looking at her book That's Not My Fairy: "I will be that fairy someday. And I will have that most sparkly wand, and I will be able to do things so beautiful."

N, waking up with a start from the floor in our room: "I fink I felled out of you bed! I hokay."

O: "I want to take a shower. But keep the plug in. So it is kind of like a bath and a shower, and I can sit down and play if I want."

O., advising N. on cooking technique: "Oh, N., I don't think you want to try to stir this. It is really tight. Like trying to turn a key in a really hard base."

N., giving me some illness sympathy: "Mommy, you have a cough. Do you think you will maybe throw up? I think you need to see a doctor. Do you have so hard muscles from dat coughing?"

O, to N.'s yelling: "Silence!!"

O: "Farewell, my ladies."

O: "Have you ever heard of a game called spin the bottle?"

N., wearing her princess dress, correcting her well-meaning cousin: "I is not cool. I is pretty!"

N: "At J's wedding, I am dunna be the princess. I will wear my beautiful dress, O. will be the ring carrier and I will be the princess."

O., at the park, after running around with a group of kids: "Mommy, those girls were being so mean. They took one of my shoes, and then they called us the worst name ever: 'Purpleboys'!"
His friend pipes up that the name was actually 'Poopieboys.'
O: "Oh, okay. But she took my shoe!"


mep said...

O and N Speak is my favorite Small World feature. I admit to feeling concerned about the spin the bottle reference . . . eeks!

Miss you!

Stacia said...

I could really, really use some magnet hands. Tell O he's on to something! =>