Tuesday, July 20, 2010

She's a Big Girl Now

This week, my baby girl is officially a big girl.

We moved the bed that was in the guest room in the basement upstairs to her room, as part of the domino game of room shuffling we're playing to get ready for New Baby. J.'s office is now in the basement, and his office is getting made over into an ocean themed oasis for New Baby. The crib moved across the hallway, and is now waiting for his arrival.

The day J. and my dad shifted the furniture around, N. stood in the doorway of her room and told my mom and I "when my big girl bed comes up, we have to clap and say 'hooray!'

N. loves her "new" bed, though it certainly isn't new. This bed originally belonged to my great grandparents. It was the room my parents always slept in when we visited my grandparents growing up. When my grandma moved out of that house when my grandfather died, it went into storage, and Grandma later gave it to me. It's the bed J. and I used when we first got married, until we moved into this house. He was a little tired of having his ankles hang up over the end of the footboard. My grandmother never lets an opportunity go by without mentioning that she was conceived and born in this bed (not the mattress, of course), much to the chagrin of anyone who has bunked in it while staying with us.

Anyhow, I'm glad to give it whole new life again, and it sure is nice to be able to stretch out beside N. when it's bedtime, rather than curling myself into a comma on the crib mattress on the toddler bed. She's slept through the night in it every night except for last night, when she was awakened by her summer cold and cough to come join me and pass it along.

She does still, however, blurt out a little possessiveness over the crib. "I no want New Baby to sleep in my bed." Good thing he'll be in the bassinet for a bit when he arrives.


Heather said...

Aww, I love these photos! She looks so excited! Love that she is feeling a bit stingy with her crib...hopefully that will pass :)

What a great history in that bed, and how wonderful that it is still being put to use and still making history in your family.

mep said...

I love how N had the moment all planned out, down to the "Hooray!"

We've got some bed shuffling in our future. I dread the transition, but look forward to being able to lie next to Little Bit if he awakes screaming instead of bringing him into our bed.

Adorable pics of your "big girl" -- as always!

Stacia said...

I love heirloom beds. My daughter sleeps in my old bed, and my son sleeps in my husband's old one. Not quite as heirloom as yours, but maybe they'll get passed along for a few more generations. And congrats on making the transition successfully!