Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Who Knew I'd Miss Sand in the Sheets?

We've been a little out of the loop lately, in search of sand and surf. We found it!
We spent a week with my extended family, enjoying the built-in entertainment of lots of cousins, a pool and and a big wide sandbox and ocean to play in.
We collected lots of seashells to put in New Baby's ocean-themed new room, and even posed for a photo of all three (four) of us.
Here's what happens when you make your five year old stare into the sun and also ask him to pat his new baby brother.

Still adjusting to life back home -- more thoughts later!


Heather said...

Saw this one on your FB page...it is adorable, foot on the belly and all!

I still say that N. looks a bit pained at the thought of yet another brother :)

Glad you're back! My squash are almost ready; did your garden survive your absence?

mep said...

Welcome Home! Thanks to our backyard sandbox and the necessity of Bub starting every nighttime in our bed, I can experience sand-in-my-sheets all summer long. Lucky me.

Adorable picture!

I saw the Laura Bennett book at the library and checked it out because the title made me laugh. How was it?

Stacia said...

Ahhhhh, brotherly love. Did the baby kick back?? Welcome home! =>

CaraBee said...

Someday the three of them will look back at that picture and get a good laugh out of it.

You look gorgeous. Truly. Glowing.