Saturday, October 30, 2010

Something Wicked This Way Comes...

I'd be scared, too, L.

What's your little goblin's favorite "mean" face to make??

Hope you're having a scary-good Halloween weekend, with more treats than tricks.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall with the Smalls

I have some posts partially written in my head and on random scraps of paper lying around this mess of a house. Until I have longer than five minutes without a baby or a preschooler filling up at least one of my hands, you'll have to settle for some photos with captions.

What's been up in the Small world this fall?

We're hanging around admiring the cuteness in overalls.
I told you!

More cuteness in pumpkin outfits.
And adorable poses.

We try to get a family photo in the pumpkin patch.
This is seriously the best we could do.
I may regret posting this atrocious photo of myself for the rest of my life.
It's my punishment for yelling at the kids a la Kate Gosselin: "What is WRONG with you? Just look into the blinding sun for TWO SECONDS for God's sakes!"

We now have enough children to fill a pumpkin!

More cuteness.
This time in his sister's costume at the zoo's trick or treat event.

Ariel and a gecko (not the Geico one, he assures us) at the zoo also.

Speaking of dressing up, I finally have kids I can dress alike!
How long do you think O. will go along with this?
As long as there are dinosaurs involved, maybe a while?

We played in the leaves a little.
N.: "Yippee, Yippoo!"
It's so hot and dry, they are mostly dried up crisps, rather than real colorful leaves.
In fact, the day this was taken, N. really wanted to get the sprinkler out, and I almost let her.

And, we carved pumpkins.
O. wanted scary this year, on the giant pumpkin he insisted he had to have.
"I'm the biggest kid in the family, so I have to have the biggest pumpkin."

N. is thrilled to have a kitty cat on hers, like the one her friend made at the Dad/Daughter pumpkin carving night at her preschool. Hers from that night was a happy face, and while she liked it, she really only wanted to talk about the cat pumpkin.
Oh, and hey! You get a glimpse of our new wood floor in this one. I heart it.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Just Forgot

You would think by the time you have your third child, there wouldn't be any surprises in parenting. Of course, there are, because every child is amazingly different, even from the time you bring them home from the hospital.

L., in the brief month that we've known him, seems to be a much more laid back and more easily satisfied baby than my first two babies. He seems to be particularly sensitive to wet and dirty diapers, noticeably calming after a change. When he's awake, he observes the world around him quietly and clearly with wide open eyes. He makes squeaks and snorts while he's sleeping, the way O. was a croupy cougher from day one. He sleeps blocks of up to four hours at a time in his bassinet, where N. only slept on my chest, and I'm pretty sure O. never slept for longer than 45 minutes at a time until he was six months old.

However, I've been surprised at how many things I just plain forgot about having a baby in the house. It's only been three years. Here's a brief list of some things I've had the chance to remember since L. was born.

  • Newborns are really, really small. Smaller than you remember. If you pick yours up after carrying your three year old (who now seems more like a ten year old), you may have to catch yourself so he doesn't hit the ceiling.
  • Why in the world aren't all sleepers made with zippers rather than snaps?
  • There are no pants for baby boys that do not make them look like your great-grandpa. Overalls, on the other hand, immediately make them irresistible.
  • The worst nights with a newborn come not from the baby being awake all night, but from falling asleep while you're nursing the baby. Sleeping sitting straight up, waking to transfer baby back to bed a half hour before they're ready to eat again does not make for restful 'sleep'.
  • The cries of a new baby are really pretty quiet. However, once they start wailing, there is little that makes you more frantic or impatient. Your five and three year old, however, seem to be basically deaf to this particular tone.
  • There are few things better than watching the satisfied face of your baby after he has fallen asleep nursing. Or the weight of a tiny baby on your chest as he is curled up, breathing those soft baby sighs as he sleeps.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Who Left the Door Open??

A quick O-Speak report:

I'm sitting in my little nursing corner nest* with not just my nursing baby, but also both other children perched on the armrests. I'm reading a book to the bigger ones and I'm feeding the littlest. The bigger ones seem oblivious to the process, or even to their brother's presence, as I have to keep defending his poor little head from errant elbows. That is, until I switch L. from one side to the other and don't immediately get my bra all rehooked. O. then pipes up "Aren't you going to put that one away??"

* Really just my favorite leather armchair with ottoman that we recently moved into the corner of the family room.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Big Days!

A brief update, mostly in pictures, of life around here since L's arrival.

O. and N. are still really excited about and interested in their little brother.

They feel a need to look at him up close often to check whether his eyes are open or closed,
hug him every time they leave a room he is in, and enjoy holding him.

That is, until he starts crying.

They want to have their picture taken with L. all the time.
This particular shot was after school last week.
It was Red Day for N. We are happy to report she seems to LIKE PRESCHOOL.
Tomorrow, though, L. and Mommy have to drop her off
for the first time since the first day of school.
We'll see how that goes.

I have pretty much lost possession of my cameras.
O. wants to take pictures of L. in every mood and activity.

But every time I upload photos from the camera, I also get a few like this.
Who knows what I'm going to find on my Flip video camera...

The Browns beat the Bengals! And we were all outfitted properly to support the team.

We went on an outing in the car! All three across in Daddy's Cherokee.
Mommy couldn't really get a good angle for the photo.
O. is playing with Mighty Beans, a treasured big brother gift.

Where did we go on our first outing, of all places? For N.'s first haircut!
She got to watch Little Mermaid and sit in the pink car.
Unfortunately, since we were just doing a bang trim and taking a teensy bit off the ends, she didn't even get to the part where Ariel arrives.
Had to promise her to check it out of the library this week. N. sat super still and was smiley through the whole event. Guess that's what happens when you wait until you're three for your first haircut!!