Monday, October 11, 2010

Who Left the Door Open??

A quick O-Speak report:

I'm sitting in my little nursing corner nest* with not just my nursing baby, but also both other children perched on the armrests. I'm reading a book to the bigger ones and I'm feeding the littlest. The bigger ones seem oblivious to the process, or even to their brother's presence, as I have to keep defending his poor little head from errant elbows. That is, until I switch L. from one side to the other and don't immediately get my bra all rehooked. O. then pipes up "Aren't you going to put that one away??"

* Really just my favorite leather armchair with ottoman that we recently moved into the corner of the family room.


Heather said...

I love it!

Love the "nest" idea, too :)

Isabel was four when Gabe was born, and she was fascinated with the whole nursing process. She would sigh, "I wish God gave me milk in MY boobies, Mommy".

The things they say...

mep said...

Love that! Bub is fond of getting right up next to me while I'm nursing and saying, "Can I pump?" Like I'm a cow, which I sort of am, I guess.

I can totally picture your nest! said...