Friday, November 19, 2010

Nickname Needed

So, little L. has been on the scene for two months now. (Eight weeks on Monday, two months tomorrow -- weird how that gets out of whack so quickly!)

He couldn't be cuter, especially since he's started to smile for real. You know, when you can actually see it in their eyes, lit up and glowing just for you. At times it's almost a full blown laugh, and last night I noticed a dimple! I've been trying to catch the smile on camera, but haven't been quite successful yet, or I'd share a photo with you.

Of course, all this cuteness and desire to make him smile more encourages the ridiculous sort of baby talk that before you had babies you promised yourself you would never engage in. Makes you want to coo, babble, and throw all sorts of silly nicknames at the baby, as if their own carefully chosen name just doesn't fit this bundle of sweetness.

Problem is, since he's baby number three, I find we've run out of nicknames. I pick him up out of his swing and say "Hi there, Bud!" and my five year old says "Hi, Mom!"

He cries, and I croon "It's okay, sweetie pie, you're okay. Mommy has you," and my three year old comes running. "I'm okay, Mommy. I not cwying."

So. We're in need of some nickname suggestions, because we seem to have used all the obvious on our older two, and they are pretty possessive of them.

What's been used?

O. truly does go by O. as it's an obvious shortening of his name. He also answers to Bud, Buddy, Monkey and Chief. My pet name for him is Boo.

N. has a nickname that's a combo of her first and middle names. She also responds to Sweetie Pie, Sweet Girl, and Sweet Pea.

Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of shortenings or lengthening of L's name, though O. has taken to calling him Leo (not his real name, though it was in the running). I'm looking for something that comes naturally, but doesn't sound strange. I'm leaning a little towards Bug.

Neighbors of ours growing up had a "P" nickname for each of their kids: Punkin, Peanut, and Peaches. I like this sort of tradition, and now am wishing we'd started something similar. Oh well, too late.

Perhaps I'm making too big a deal of this? All I know is, J. has started calling him Booger. Please, some better suggestions before this sticks???


Heather said...

Lijah-Bedijah. Isabelly. The Gabester.

We do not have very creative nicknames here, so I'm not one to offer suggestions.

Although I like O's idea...Leo the Lion :) At least it's better then "booger".

Anonymous said...


mep said...

Oh, nicknames -- so important! I collectively refer to my kids as "boogers" quite a bit, but I could see how you would not want to single out one individual child as "Booger." I think "Bug" is cute.

I am sorry to report that we are experiencing a divide between blog handles and nicknames. Bub is Bub in both scenarios, but we call Little Bit "Tom Tom" and call Sweet P "Bibs." Doesn't really matter to anyone but me, but I'd like to be consistent!