Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November O. & N. Speak

N: "Mommy, L. looks like a gwobby. A gwobby is a cute fing."

N. (Refusing to put barrettes in her hair): "But I don't want to be cute like L.!!"

N.: "It's no use!"

N.: "Mommy, what I like best about L. is everything."

N. (Finding the pink sugar stars cereal in the back of the cupboard where I have hidden it): "Mommy, you told me there was no more pink! HA! (laughs hysterically in a very dramatic, exaggerated way) That was FUNNY!"

N. (Every single time I drop her off at preschool): "Is everyone going to be here the same?"

N. (One day when I pick her up at preschool and ask her how her day was): "Awesome fun!"

N. (Laughing at the fact that her baby brother's crying has stopped because he loudly relieved a gas bubble): HA! O.! L. tooted! He had a goose bubble!"

N. (Anytime she is caught in a naughty act of some sort and asked what she's up to): "Nufing. Nufing!"

N. "Don't tell me I am cute. I am beautiful."

O. (walking once again to the bus stop): "What if we had buttons on us? We could just press them and swoop! Be there!"

O. (upon hearing a dinner plan on a night J. is out of town): "Is it going to be brinner?? Yeah! We want pancakes and cereal!"

O. (playing some sort of 'pretend we're animals and chase each other around' game with N.): "Bite me!!"

O. (putting the dog outside on a woodsmoke air scented fall evening): "It smells like barbecue chips out there!"

O. (watching baby wildebeests get eaten by crocodiles on Great Migrations): "Doesn't God even care that they get killed?"

Some overheard conversations:

N: "We can do adopt, O."
O: "Do you even know what adopt means?"
N: "Yes, it means when you are sick."
O: "No. It means when you get a pet. You adopt a pet."

N.: "Who will play Prince Eric and Ariel with me?
O. (not in the mood to play along): "You can be Belle when she was by herself."

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mep said...

Love them all, but my very favorites:
"Don't tell me I am cute. I am beautiful." and "It smells like barbecue chips out there!"

Keep them coming!