Monday, November 15, 2010


Most readers of this blog know that I am a former high school English teacher, and thus a huge proponent of all things literary. More importantly, I've been a voracious and enthusiastic reader since birth, practically. There has never been a time in my memory that books have not been among the most important items in my world.

Therefore, when my firstborn son came on the scene, I devoted much of my attention to developing those same interests in him.

I read him Goodnight Moon, Snugglepuppy, The Little Train and all the other big name titles while he was snuggled in his pumpkin seat.

"Which is bigger, Mom? A million or a thousand?"

We have bookshelves in every room in the house except for the bathrooms and the dining room. And there used to be one in the dining room until we got bigger furniture in there.

"What comes after twenty again? And then what? And then? And then?"

We just recently cleared out the shelf under the coffee table because it had gotten so overflowing with books that you couldn't walk past it without upsetting the delicate balance of stacked piles of board books.

"Hey Mom, that's a pattern!"

J. and I read at least two books a night to each kid at bedtime. Lately, I've been sharing my favorite chapter books from childhood with O. (The Mouse and the Motorcycle, The BFG, Rabbit Hill) as well as introducing him to new series (The Magic Tree House, Dinosaur Cove).

"I can count to infinity in a minute, Mom. Want to hear? One, infinity!"

We make weekly trips to the library, participating in story time and carting home overflowing bags of books and books on tape at each visit.

"How long is five minutes, Mom?"

J. and I read the newspaper every morning. I carry my Kindle from room to room in the house, have at least two books I'm reading on my nightstand at all times, and subscribe to upwards of five magazine titles. I very clearly model reading behavior.

"Hey Mom. There are more boys than girls in our family now. Unless you count Scout, but she's a dog, right?"

I carry alphabet and sight word flash cards around in my purse.

"At school today, we played with attribute blocks! Attributes are like thick and thin."

So tell me, how did I end up with a math kid??


Anonymous said...

Ummmm his uncle!

mep said...

My guess is he'll be a Renaissance Man - math kid and literary kid!

Anonymous said...

I never read when I was a kid and still hate math. Who is that kid?

Heather said...

My boys are math-oriented, too, esp Elijah. Maybe N will be your reader :)