Monday, November 1, 2010

Time to Call It

I've decided it's time to put an end to the garden. Here's the last of the harvest:

Used about half of these and the baby zucchinis to make my favorite raw tomato/olive oil sauce for linguine and we had it for dinner last night. Saving the rest for some last BLT's with my own tomatoes. I think the yellow tomatoes were my favorites this season, so I'll be planting more than one of those next year.

It seems it ended up being mostly a cucumber/tomato garden this year, and really, that's okay. The zucchini never got going. The plant was healthy looking enough, and produced a lot of blossoms, but only about four actual squash, and you can see how big they got. The research I've done suggests my problem was poor pollination, so I guess I'm a victim of the bee crisis too. I guess I could have pollinated by hand, but I'm just not sure I'm there yet as a gardener.

This was the only watermelon. N. enjoyed it on Sunday. This ended up being a good thing. I planted the seeds for these when I thought O. had outgrown his melon allergy, but then it resurfaced about halfway through the summer with hives after eating both watermelon and cantaloupe.
And here are the green tomatoes. Decided to go ahead and pick them. I am amazed at how many the plants just keep producing. Evidence of just how hot it's been this fall. If it weren't going to frost this week, we'd probably continue to have red tomatoes until Thanksgiving! I just got the recipe for Kosher Green Tomatoes (pickled hot tomatoes) from J.'s aunt and uncle, so we may have one more canning adventure ahead of us. If not, anyone for fried green tomatoes??


mep said...

I'm in total admiration of your garden and harvest and really want to hear how those Kosher Green Tomatoes turn out.

Also, let's talk about your beautiful counters and backsplash, shall we?! said...

I love fried green tomatoes. I'm totally there for that.

Heather said...

Can you believe I have never tried fried green tomatoes? Loved the movie, though.

I ripped out my garden a couple of weeks ago...tired of the mess. Our watermelon and squash plants didn't do well, either. Live and learn, I guess. I still want to try corn someday, though...