Friday, December 24, 2010

On the eleventh day of Christmas...

One of my personal favorite Christmastime traditions, a trip to Krohn Conservatory to look at the Christmas flowers and visit the live nativity animals outside.
I love this because it's not usually overly crowded, requires little time outdoors, and does not require a large amount of walking. So many other (admittedly fun) holiday events are pretty tricky to pull off with small children who need strollers and easy access to bathrooms and snacks. And also, my husband doesn't really like dealing with people he's not related to unless he's getting paid for it. So that can be limiting.*
I'm missing photos of the kids outside at the live nativity this year, because there was this group of people hogging up all the space by the sheep and taking forever taking photos with every possible combination of people in the group posing with a cardboard cutout of someone's face on a stick. Probably something touching and meaningful, but annoying to me anyhow. Luckily we got inside ahead of them.

N. and L. continued to let me take the posed photos in the Christmas flowers room.

O. was so over me, though, and decided to do his best impression of a teenager.
Too cool to even acknowledge he was with us.

Oh, and if anyone hears that Santa is missing a reindeer, let him know this one has been taking a little vacation down south in Loveland. He can pick her up when he stops by tonight!

* He likes to play the "Bah Humbug" card, but actually loves making the season special for our kiddos as much as I do. Witness glue gun wielding and gingerbread house cheesy photos for evidence. Love you, dear!


mep said...

"And also, my husband doesn't really like dealing with people he's not related to unless he's getting paid for it." Sounds familiar.

I have many good childhood memories of visiting Krohn Conservatory over the holidays. Just another outing we could do together if I lived nearby . . . I think Christmas makes me extra homesick.

Have a cozy Christmas eve!

Stacia said...

Love the poinsettia tree and the too-cool-for-school picture of O. Merry Christmas to you and your Small ones! =>