Saturday, December 18, 2010

On the fifth day of Christmas...

My sweet girl had her first Christmas concert.
We have been just amazed at how well preschool has been agreeing with her. She goes in with a smile every day, and always relates something that they did that day. As opposed to O., who would usually only report what the snack of the day was in preschool, and still needs to be pumped for information other than what literacy station he was assigned.
"Mrs. Barb helped us paint a star today."
"We went on a hayride right in our parking lot. And we picked a pumpkin and Mrs. Sandy wrote our names on it and then the tractor picked us up right here!"
"Well, we read a story about the Gingerbread Man. He said run, run fast as you can. Can't get me. Then that fox ate him. Guess he didn't hear him."
"We made a house with our whole family in it!"
They've been working on the songs for their Christmas program ever since they started going to chapel in October. N. would never sing the actual songs for me, but identified which ones they were singing when she heard them on CD at home. So, I knew we could expect Away in a Manger, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Hark the Herald Angels Sing.
Here are a few (low quality) photos from the event.

Here she's doing the hand motions to the sweetest little song:
"Does the Baby Need a Blanket?" with the refrain "I've got a blanket I'll share..."

O. took this one and whispered very loudly to me "I got a good one, Mom!"

Even though her teacher asked them all to wave to their family at the beginning of the concert to get it out of their systems, N. just couldn't stop checking in with us.

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Stacia said...

My mom still tells the story of my first concert, where I was an angel and the choral director told us to "do what I do" so we could remember the choreography and hand movements. I took her completely seriously, though, and conducted the entire concert right along with her.

Little kids in the spotlight are so precious, especially sweet N. I can't wait for my kiddos' first Christmas program! =>