Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On the second day of Christmas...

Overheard in the Small World while decorating the Charlie Brown Christmas tree*:

"This one is mine, right, Mom?"

"Putting on the lights is the worst job of all."

"I have a heavy one!"

"Oh, I member this one!"

"Can I have this one, please? It is a beautiful angel."

"Is it me, or is this tree wider at the top than at the bottom?"

"I have more than N. because I've had more Christmases than her."

"Aaaaah oooo aaaah."

"If I step on another hook, I'm gonna blast someone."

"That was mine when I was a little girl."

"Balls go on last!"

"Put all the paper on the chair, not on the floor."

"I need a hook!"

"This tree is terrible."

"I need a stiff one." (branch)

"You found Pinkie Pie!!"

"That's not purple, it's blue. Are you color blind?"

"Watch where you're walking!"

"Put the paper on the chair."

"Where did you get that pen?"

"I need a drink." (a stiff one)

"What are underwear doing under the tree?"


"Stay in the kitchen if you're eating waffles!"

"I don't mind putting on balls. It adds some shape to the tree."

"Shape up or we're not getting the train out."

"Beep Beep Bopp. We are robots."

"What are you DOING??!!"

"It's not Christmas until you put the stuffed gingerbread man on the tree."

"Isn't this a great event???"


*We'll let you guess the speaker for each.


Heather said...


You are cracking me up, which I sorely needed today.

Thanks, sweet bloggy friend.

Stacia said...

You have the funnest, funniest tree-decorating robots in town! =>

mep said...

I've got some guesses on matching the speaker to saying. My question is how many ornaments were broken in the process? We managed to break three.

Anonymous said...

This is a classic dear!