Thursday, December 23, 2010

On the tenth day of Christmas...

When it's getting this close to Christmas, it doesn't really matter if Santa is watching or not. The holiday shenanigans are inescapable.

Hey guys, let's get our pajamas on and go out in the car to look at Christmas lights.
Sure, Mom. Just let us get our special glasses on.*

And then we have to look at the Christmas tree one more time. And then we have to hang all the ornaments back on the tree that we knocked off. And then we want some cookies. And then we need to go potty. And then we need a drink. And then we have to find our shoes. And then we have to knock five things off of the Advent calendar. And then we need to put a different pair of pajamas on. And then we need to fall down in the snow and get all wet and put a different pair of pajamas on. What do you mean, it's time to go to bed already?

Hey N.! Did Santa stop by early and leave his sack full of toys behind??

Oh. No, it's just your big brother hiding inside his Daddy's dry cleaning
bag. (Not plastic, I promise.)
Did another package come for me? Oh, no, it's just the same Amazon box you've been playing in for weeks now.What? You found it in the garage, next to the trash can? No, I have no idea how it got there.
Get back down in the box, you two.

The only kid for sure not getting coal in his stocking this year. (He doesn't sleep all the time, I promise. Just when I'm trying to take pictures for blog posts.)

*Okay, these are really cool, and I would totally want to take the time to make sure we had these on a light-seeing tour also. They're called Holiday Specs and my aunt sent them to the kids. Obviously they look like 3-D glasses, and when you look at Christmas lights through them, you see a holographic rainbow effect with whatever design is printed on them. Hard to describe, but they are really cute. Ours have a gingerbread boy, candy cane and stocking. Great stocking stuffer idea for next year!


Stacia said...

Oh, that sweet sleeping baby! Sigh. And I'd love to be getting whatever came in that huge Amazon box. Wowza! Makes me remember the anticipation of Christmas when I was little.

Heather said...

Those glasses sound awesome...I'm sure Gabe would love them!

Kids with ants in their pants and mommas trying to stay sane through it all; that's what the last few days before Christmas are like. Sigh.

I need a nap like your little guy!

mep said...

A variation on play in the cardboard box game -- take the brown paper that comes inside an Amazon box. Run around the house dragging it behind you and scream, "Tornado. Tornado."

Love all the pics of your cuties and think you've got a children's book all written in the paragraph about trying to leave the house to look at the lights!