Thursday, December 16, 2010

On the third day of Christmas...

With the tree finally up, it was time to get the Christmas train out. I'm always surprised at how excited O. gets about this, since he is long past his Thomas/train obsession, and very vocal about that fact. "I don't like trains anymore, Mom. I only like animals and dinosaurs."
But the Christmas train? That he likes. He likes helping get each car out of its box and handing the pieces of track to his dad. Most especially, he likes being in charge of running it all around the Christmas tree.
This year, shortly after they got it all assembled, and made some repairs from N.'s overzealous removal of cars from boxes, I suddenly began hearing sounds of sawing coming from the basement.
O. and J. emerged a little while later carrying a structure made from three pieces of wood.
"Mom! We made a tunnel for our train!!" O. announced.

And thus, a project commenced. Think O. is a little excited? He's been hounding J. for a woodworking project for about a month -- I'm pretty sure he believed they could build a rocketship, or an actual home for an animal in our woods. Probably we're watching too much Phineas and Ferb.

They decided it needed to look a little more winter-ish. J. was thinking a newspaper mound covered with white paint, but I remembered we had half a bag of cotton balls in the bathroom. I commenced with stretching them out into mini-drifts of snow.

I imagine this will be the first and only time you see a photo
of my husband with a glue gun in hand.
N. came up with titles for all of us.
I was "The Maker." She was the "Giver To," J. was the "Gluer-On."

O., with his trusty stock of Benderoos, became the "Hanger-Up" (of icicles).
We have a new addition to our very own Polar Express!

Here we are the next day, with the addition of forest animals.
I'm pretty sure we're rivaling Museum Center.
Come on over! No admission fees here.

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Stacia said...

We are squarely in the middle of the train phase, and my little guy has been staring over my shoulder demanding to know "Who's train?" and "Is that boy building the train?" and "Will that snow fall on the animals?" and "Can I have that red hat?" and "When's that train coming to my house?" =>

What a wonderful tradition!