Tuesday, January 11, 2011

These are a few...

So, I'm a little late to the party with my "end of 2010, welcome 2011" post. We've had a bit of a rough transition around here and it's been tough to find the time/energy to post. Nothing bad really, just a lot of whine, and very little napping: for anyone. All of which means Mommy doesn't get much down time. More on all of that in another post.

I started setting aside "year in review" issues of magazines for each child's birth year back when O. was born. When it came time to gather L.'s, I realized we've curtailed our magazine consumption more than I'd thought -- no Sports Illustrated or Newsweek for him, mostly just Entertainment Weekly. I'm not sure Cooking Light or Real Simple really capture the zeitgeist.

So, I thought I'd take some time this week to record some of my "favorite things" that I newly discovered or just really enjoyed in the last year. (Speaking of, did you catch How I Met Your Mother's Barney's favorite things? Worth catching on the web. J., with no Oprah backstory, didn't quite get what I was chuckling about.)

Up for today: Television and Blogs!

Here is a list of (most of) the shows I watched and enjoyed consistently in 2010. It's an embarrassingly long list and probably doesn't even really cover the true extent of my viewing habits. Let's just say it reflects the fact that I was often too pregnantly or postpartumly exhausted to do anything except fill and empty the DVR.

How I Met Your Mother: I'm even willing to forgive the major downer at the end of last week's episode because I love this show so much.

House: The relationships have gotten a little old, but the mystery parts are still good.

Modern Family: If I were the kind of person with a memory for lines from shows -- I'd be tossing them out like crazy from this one.

Top Chef: I'm enjoying the All Star season, how about you? Fabio: oh how I'd missed you! Jamie: cook or go home. And Richard, was I wrong to love you so? You seem a little bored by all of this.

Amazing Race: This last season was just so-so, except for the delight I got from watching my husband laughing really really hard at the broken watermelon to the face scene early in the season. How great will it be to see the Cowboys return in February??

Glee: Just have to make sure J. isn't around when I watch, his heckling and nearly audible eye rolling ruin it all for me. Sure, it's completely unrealistic, but so is life in a real high school. It still gives me goosebumps sometimes.

The Closer: Brenda Lee, you're annoying, but I love you anyway. Call me a sucker for the police procedural.

Saving Grace: I hated the way this show ended, but I cried anyway. Maybe the acting was ocasionally a little over the top, but the characters here had depth, and the premise of a flawed, good hearted woman seeking redemption was compelling. And Earl was the most real angel I think I've ever seen depicted.

Breaking Bad: The most depressing show I can't tear my eyes away from. Watching the downward spiral of Walt and Jesse is truly compelling -- just when you think the writers can't possibly find a way to keep them falling further, they do. And you believe it.

Lost: Are they really gone for good? Sigh.

Sherlock: IBold already wrote about this one -- looking forward to season 2!

Parenthood: I couldn't wait to see the slimy Baldwin brother go. At times the plotlines get a little tedious, but I can't help really believing in this family.

The Good Wife: What in the world does Alicia see in either of the men in her life? Good thing Rory's Logan is around to keep things interesting.

Grey's Anatomy: Every time I think I'm going to give up on this show, it gets interesting again. Enough with Meredith, but I sure am rooting for Lexie and Mark.

Private Practice: I can't believe I'm admitting I watch this thing.

FringeBold: When I watch this show, I feel like I've gotten X Files back in a shiny new wrapper. Pacey is no Fox Mulder, but then again, X Files didn't have a Walternate.

This is also where I should mention things like Dino Dan, Dinosaur Train, Phineas and Ferb, the Princess episode of Ni Hao Kai Lan, and the Swiper's Christmas Carol episode of Dora. But I'm making the executive decision that these do not have to fall under the prevail of my "favorites" for 2010, even if they do make up the very air I breathe.


This is the year I relied more on the writing of others to keep me sane than I added my own two cents to the blogosphere. So thanks, to all of you who keep reading my sporadic posts and who send along a comment here or there. Thanks to those of you who I've read and with whom I've continued to shared life virtually.
I'm so glad to have made the acquaintance this year of Stacia at My Fluffy Bunnies and Heather at This is the Day. Even though I've yet to meet either of you in real life, I feel like we shared our lives last year, and look forward to reading your further adventures.

Pioneer Woman -- Not that she needs any press from me, but this was the year I started reading her regularly. Darn if she isn't just lovable and down to earth no matter how big and famous she is, don't you think? And for pure food porn, you just can't beat her cooking section. After having made her restaurant style salsa, I am tempted to never go back to my old pico de gallo style salsa, and I LOVE my salsa.

Epbot -- This is the personal blog of Jen of Cake Wrecks fame, and she is just adorable. Love her geeky crafty projects, and was really touched by the way she came to the aid of a young girl who was getting bullied at school for carrying a Star Wars lunchbox.

Dinner, a Love Story -- I have made my fair share of really negative comments about the now defunct magazine Cookie. I will say that its food features were usually pretty good, even if the rest of the urban uberexpensive parenting stuff made me crazy. So, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when I realized that this blog, which I love, is written by one of former food editors at Cookie. Her "About" page, if you take out the stuff about juggling work and home, reads kind of like my own mission statement about the role of food and dinner in my family.
I get great ideas for real dinners at my house from here all the time. Even if my kids really don't actually play along AT ALL, blogs like this one help me hold out hope that they might, someday. I really want a recipe door like the one they have in their house, she co-wrote an awesome cookbook that I got as a gift for Christmas, and she and her husband write really cute things back and forth to each other. A really consistently great read.

When Parents Text: Okay, I just discovered this this week, thanks to Entertainment Weekly. But it is laugh out loud hilarious. Check out the Our Favorites section. Just hope it doesn't get corrupted too badly, ala Shit My Dad Says.

Up later this week: Books, Podcasts and other Great Moments of 2010.
In the meantime, feel free to share some of your favorite bloggy finds and your television true loves from the past year.


Heather said...

Aww, I made your "best of" list? You flatter me!

And even if it's not til after the spring thaw, we WILL meet in real life. I can't wait to see those babies of yours and bond over coffee. Or our gardens. Whichever.

I recently tried to watch Season 6 of Lost on Netflix, but I just couldn't. The wounds of missing them are too new...

Speaking of Lost, have you seen previews for the new show "Off the Map"? Looks like a combo of Lost and Gray's...it's on at 10pm tonight on ABC. I'm going to give it a try.

Hope your week gets better. We are having our 2nd snow day of the week today, thwarting my lunch date plans (grrr!). Gotta love Ohio winters. Or not.

mep said...

Yes, yes, yes! Can't wait to check out all those blogs! I don't check out PW as often as I should because I know I'd really enjoy.

I keep hearing good things about The Good Wife so maybe I'll play catch-up this summer. For Logan. I kind of gave up on Parenthood, but should I go back? There wasn't anything I disliked, I just found I was never watching the episodes in my DVR.

I feel you on the no napping. Luckily I have one reliable napper each day, but Sweet P and the afternoon nap have not made a connection yet. I know the pain of the long, long afternoon with the whine factor high. Since no one is asleep, you may have to resort to the cruise-around in van . . . once the roads are cleared!

Stacia said...

Wow, thanks!

I sat here, flabbergasted to see my name up there, and fussed over something eloquent to write as a thank-you. And what did I come up with? "Wow, thanks!" And, well, I really mean it!

I, too, hope we can meet up one day, and we can let our respective broods entertain each other while we swap books. Don't suppose you want to pack up the kids for a European vacation anytime soon, do you? =>