Friday, January 21, 2011

Things to do in Cincinnati in the snow

1. Marvel at the fact that snow days are so much longer than school days, even though no child in your house goes to school for longer than three hours at a time.

2. Convince your mom to try some 'Minute to Win It' games at home. Good ones involve picking up pasta with spaghetti in your mouth; dice stacked on a popsicle stick in your mouth, stacking cookies into a unicorn horn on your forehead, and picking up jelly beans by sucking on a straw. Sorry no photos because it was kind of funny.

3. Play with your neon paint spinner thing. Make sure to use up all the paint and paper that goes with it in a shorter amount of time than it took to get it out of the box and change the batteries.

4. Play some other games: Twister, Rainforest Memory, Left Right Center, Trouble and Tinkerbell Crazy 8's. Interrupt each game with at least one fight over whose turn it is, and who gets to have the most favorite card/gam
e piece.

5. Play hide and seek in the basement. Make your sister cry by hiding upstairs instead.

6. Make a "penguin" out of a washcloth, water, glue stick, and bubble gum tooth paste. Hide it in your bedroom for your mom to find later.

7. Work really hard on your hair.
8. Entertain your baby brother so that Mommy doesn't have to hold him EVERY minute.
9. Gather every single stuffed friend in the house for a CD listening party.

10. Ask Mommy to please, please please release the big dump truck from its time out on the top shelf of the coat closet. Promise that you won't vroom it all over the house. Actually listen for once, and create a construction area instead and build a block city.

11. When the afternoon starts to get long, go to the old standby, pillow pile on the staircase. Change back into pajamas to be extra cozy.

12. Stand on the back of the couch looking out the window at the snow filling up the bowls you put on the table on the deck. Wear your mom's boots outside to bring the bowls in. Enjoy your snow sundae.

13. Watch TV on your mom's bed for a while. Decide that there is only one pillow that you can possibly lounge on, and smack your sister because she is on it instead. When she screams, hold that pillow over her head. Wake up your baby brother from the nap he is FINALLY taking in his own crib. Get really mad when Mom says you have to go to your room, and enlist your most fierce friends in your retaliatory attack.

14. If you feel like you really need to get out of the house, go watch big crazy mascots play broomball downtown at Fountain Square. Root for the Xavier Musketeer, of course. Though the garage door opener and the recycling bin were also strong players.

14. If you happen to be the mommy, be really, really really glad that you are not newly pregnant and nauseous during this year's cabin fever season.


Stacia said...

I spend many minutes every day saying, "Could somebody make the baby happy??" when I'm trying to do dishes ... fold laundry ... cook dinner ... and on and on.

And, ooooooh, when the older two forget their "tiny voices" and wake the baby, this momma gets steamed! And we aren't even having snow days here! =>

mep said...

I completely love this list -- the one about using up the paper and paint in less time than it took to change the batteries rang especially true for me. We are in some sort of weather warp here (KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK on wood) and have had only manageable amounts of snow. I don't know what I would do with days of snow days and really feel for you.

The pictures of the stuffed animal concert and the pillow pile made me so happy. Also, the broom ball looks fun! J's status update/picture of it on FB made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Cute list. That's a whole lot of stuffed animals! Must have been some rockin cd's to draw that crowd to the concert. What a fun & creative mom you are!

One big project on our ice day was to see how many puzzles we could put together and then take a picture of them all next to each other once completed....a little challenging with a toddler on the loose. LAP