Thursday, February 3, 2011

O and N Speak: Winter 2011 Edition

Driving home from dropping the dog off at the kennel with Daddy (Mommy is at the grocery store with the baby):
N: I miss Mommy.
O: N., it's not like we left Mommy at the kennel.

In the car at the post office:
O: Does Jesus have a last name?
N: Yes, O. it's Christ. You know. They call him Jesus Christ.
(At least they don't know his middle initial, H.!)

N., every time she lies to me: "I'm serious. Really. I'm serious."

N., describing something very big: "It's Jew-normous!"

O. trying to express his disinterest/unconcern with a problem: "It doesn't care."

N., setting up yet another princess scenario: "I have a splendid idea!"

Praying before dinner, N. makes a funny face and says nonsense words instead of the prayer.
Me: N., you can't act silly while you're praying.
O: Yeah, N. God will turn you into a chicken.

O., after yet another warning against the use of potty language:
"But God just made us like that, to think pee and poop and toots are funny."

O., chasing his sister around with a pretend sword:
"Booshay, Pussy Cat!"
(I immediately knew there had been a little too much Tom and Jerry)

O., threatening me with the nozzle of the kitchen sink:
"Get ready for a dramatic spray!"

Getting into the car, O. kicks his brother's car seat, waking him up.
O: Don't worry, he's sleeping again.
Me: No thanks to you.
(A minute or so passes.)
O: Mom, thanks for taking us to your friend's house to visit.
Me: You're welcome, bud. That was nice of you to say.
O: (whispering to himself) Okay, good. I didn't want to be down to zero thanks.

O. complains after a haircut that his back is all itchy. I tell him it's all the hairs that fell down there bothering him and that we'll change when we get home.
O: "What? You mean I have touch buds all over my back?"

N, whispering after climbing into bed with me:
"Are wolves dunna eat us?"

Playing animal families :
N: I am a panda and I am going to lay my eggs right here.
O: Pandas don't lay eggs. They are mammals, so they poop the babies out.

O. tells me he is going to take a nap (cue the halleluiah chorus!) then returns a very short while later.
Me: That was a short one. How long did that last?
O: Three minutes.
Me: Oh, you had a timer, did you?
O: Pocket watch.


Stacia said...

Having pooped out three babies myself, I can say that's not too far off! =>

And I better start saying my blessings correctly or I'm going to be turned into a chicken. Warning received.

mep said...

I don't even know if I can pick a favorite because I love them all so much. N's use of "splendid" and O's understanding of mammal birth are high up there. Oh, and "wolves dunna eat us" -- love that too. I've said it before, but your kids are going to get such a thrill out of these posts in the future. said...

Sweet. You will be SO happy you recorded this stuff.

Heather said...

Oh, I can't wait to meet them! Such cute ages, and the things they say...adorable!

Praying Mother Nature behaves herself so we can finally have our playdate!

CaraBee said...

I love O and N speak. Booshay, pussy cat! Too cute. We watch Scooby Doo, which is totally not appropriate for a 3 year old and I'm just waiting for Sophie to start saying ZOINKS!