Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Back in the fall, we decided to try our hand at raising fish as pets again. We don't have the best luck with that around here, as you may or may not remember.
The time before this had included three fish who lasted three days. (RIP, Rainbow Tail, Shiny as Day and Likes To Eat Algae)

This time, we took a sample of our fish tank water to the store and had it tested to make sure we weren't poisoning the fish right from the start. Everything checked out just fine, so we got three more fish. Well, two fish and a little frog. New names: Shine Shine for N.'s orange one, Pancake for the yes, very flat frog. (I cannot remember the other fish's name. He died on day two.)

O. was very taken by his little frog. Watched him try to jump out of the tank, laughed when he darted all around, and was tickled when he seemed to hang from his feet from the fake plants.
He fed him every night, checked on him every time he returned to the house from school.
And he died less than two weeks later. When I texted J., who was out of town, to let him know we'd had to have another little toilet funeral, I suspect he might have been more than a little choked up.

O. was okay with it. Sad, but okay. Okay enough that I am a little worried that this "circle of life" thing is getting a little too familiar. So we're not rushing out to get any new fish or frogs so that he can go through it again. Luckily, Shine Shine seems to be hanging in there. And given O's report that shortly before the other creatures' demise, they seemed to be "wrestling," perhaps we have a bit of a bully on our hands.

A month after Pancake left us, this came home in O's backpack. It was perhaps the saddest piece of construction paper I have ever seen. He tells me he drew it before Pancake died. It is a remarkable likeness.

If you came here hoping for sweet flapjack recipe love, my apologies. I just rediscovered this in O.'s room, and decided before I pitched it (I really can't take looking at it all the time!), I would post it here for memory's sake.


Heather said...

I totally thought you were going to share a pancake recipe.

I don't think I'll ever look at pancakes without thinking of this post again :)

Cute picture!

mep said...

Years from now, this "remarkable likeness" of pancake will give O comfort and bring those fond memories flooding to the surface. Good work preserving Pancake's legacy.

Really sorry about all your aquatic losses. We haven't ventured into petdom yet . . .

Stacia said...

We skipped amphibians (reptiles?) and went straight for mammals. Cats and dogs, they're surprisingly easy to care for compared to fish and frogs.

Poor, sweet Pancake! I know he enjoyed his two weeks with your family and, wherever he is now, is grateful to have a digital footprint. =>

Anonymous said...

I need pancake 2.
J said...

Ohhh.... That is so sad... :( But sweet.

Anonymous said...

We are having the opposite trouble here. Festival fish from August still going strong. After living in a flower vase for her first week home, I went to the pet store (the smell of which makes me sick to my stomach) and bought a normal fish bowl. Mary the fish keeps growing and has nowhere to swim so now I am feeling really sad for her and have "buy a bigger bowl/tank" on my to do list. At least once a week one of the girls says "I can't believe Mary is still alive"...clearly she has outlived all previous festival fish.
So sorry about Pancake, but here's hoping your next fish is like our dear Mary. LAP