Monday, May 2, 2011

April days may have been gray and rainy, but there was at least some O. and N. Speak.

O. & N., sliding around in the kitchen, both wearing their super hero capes. O. is wielding my spraying mop.
N.: "I'm Super N.!"
O: "I'm Evil Doctor Wet Slip! Watch out!"

O. after dinner one night:
"I just burped and a little throw up came into my mouth."

N., writing a little note on one of her drawings:
"Don't look, I am doing something insperious."

Me, to N. heading down the stairs: "I need you to come up and throw that piece of paper you just left on the floor away."
N: "Heaven's sakes."
Me: "N.!"
N: "You need to say the magic word."
Me, sighing: "Okay, can you please come up here and throw that piece of paper away."
N: "No, the magic word today is hamburger."

O., holding two hippity hop balls up on his arms as he "flexes" his muscles: "See Mom, now you can really see how strong I am because I have those bumps!"

O., holding same balls as battering rams on his big wheel: "Hey N.! Let's play Big Bomb Billy!"

N., looking at her dinner: "I am not eating that by the hair of my chinny chin chin."

N.: "Can I have the mother of Princess Afwestia? I only have the baby one of it."
Me: "I don't think you need another pony. You have a whole bin full of them. And I think her name is Princess Celestia."
N.: "That is what I said. Prin-cess A-fwes-tee-ya."

N.: "If you taste somefing nasty and stringy that is in your mouth, it is just a piece of your hair that went in there. So, if you see a hair, just take it out."

N., playing with plastic animals: "An eagle is eating a lion."
Me: "Oh no!"
N.: "That's okay, Mommy. Eagles eat lions."

Jokes recently told by O.:

Why did the bee get married?
Because he found his honey.

Why don't bears wear socks?
Because they have bear feet.