Monday, May 2, 2011

April days may have been gray and rainy, but there was at least some O. and N. Speak.

O. & N., sliding around in the kitchen, both wearing their super hero capes. O. is wielding my spraying mop.
N.: "I'm Super N.!"
O: "I'm Evil Doctor Wet Slip! Watch out!"

O. after dinner one night:
"I just burped and a little throw up came into my mouth."

N., writing a little note on one of her drawings:
"Don't look, I am doing something insperious."

Me, to N. heading down the stairs: "I need you to come up and throw that piece of paper you just left on the floor away."
N: "Heaven's sakes."
Me: "N.!"
N: "You need to say the magic word."
Me, sighing: "Okay, can you please come up here and throw that piece of paper away."
N: "No, the magic word today is hamburger."

O., holding two hippity hop balls up on his arms as he "flexes" his muscles: "See Mom, now you can really see how strong I am because I have those bumps!"

O., holding same balls as battering rams on his big wheel: "Hey N.! Let's play Big Bomb Billy!"

N., looking at her dinner: "I am not eating that by the hair of my chinny chin chin."

N.: "Can I have the mother of Princess Afwestia? I only have the baby one of it."
Me: "I don't think you need another pony. You have a whole bin full of them. And I think her name is Princess Celestia."
N.: "That is what I said. Prin-cess A-fwes-tee-ya."

N.: "If you taste somefing nasty and stringy that is in your mouth, it is just a piece of your hair that went in there. So, if you see a hair, just take it out."

N., playing with plastic animals: "An eagle is eating a lion."
Me: "Oh no!"
N.: "That's okay, Mommy. Eagles eat lions."

Jokes recently told by O.:

Why did the bee get married?
Because he found his honey.

Why don't bears wear socks?
Because they have bear feet.


mep said...

Feeling pretty certain that Big Bomb Billy would be a hit at my house! O and N speak is always a hit with me!

Heather said...

You are gonna be so glad you have these posts someday, when they are teenagers not saying anything cute :)

Still waiting patiently for pics of the Pikachu cake (hint, hint).

ps. Did you get my text yesterday? said...

They are freaking hilarious! So glad you're writing it all down.

Stacia said...

There's such a thing as too many ponies? Surely, you jest! =>

And those jokes actually made me laugh! I'm still waiting for the jokes around here to become humorous. We're still in the make-up-some-nonsense-and-laugh-hysterically joke phase.)

Anonymous said...