Wednesday, July 20, 2011

There's 104 Days of Summer Vacation...

What is it about summer?

There's that everpresent feeling that so many things are just more possible, yet it's such a brief window of time grab hold and get them done. Every day I wake up wanting to get out there in the world, and end each day feeling like I wish I had accomplished more. Not so much in a "to do" list way, (though ask my house if I could be doing a little more of that stuff too, and it'd reply YES!), but in a living, make memories, what kind of stuff do I want in my kids' history kind of way.

I'm sad that June went so quickly for us this year, recovering from J.'s surgery and preparing for vacation and swimming, swimming, swimming. And now July is almost gone as well. L. is ten months old today! Already the rest of summer is blocked out with activities and traveling and camps and all kinds of things. All fun, but a little too overscheduled to truly feel like the summer of my dreams.

But then we have an unscheduled afternoon, and the heat index is 110 degrees, and all we end up doing is making a pillow pile and playing with the digital camera, it feels like February again, and I'm okay with lots on the agenda.

So, summer so far has been:
time at the pool,
making our way around lots of orange road construction barrels,
summer reading club at the library,
hanging out with baby girls m. and e.,
breakfast with wild horses,
afternoons by the pool,
dinners with extended family,
buckets full of sand crabs,
a constant clanking of handmade seashell jewelry,
trophies for tee-ball at Dairy Queen,
low key bible study
a cake contest at book club
vacation bible school: Backstage with the Bible!
jungle journey zoo camp
mornings with just N. and L., getting used to O. being gone all day
4D movie theater showings of the Wizard of Oz and Diego and Dora
doughnuts from Busken
bargains at Old Navy
picking blueberries
church and city festivals with games and carnival rides
swinging on the swingset
very few real baths,
and late bedtimes every night.

There have been a lot of firsts this summer too:

First long car trip with three kids in the backseat of the Jeep.

First time in the ocean for L.!

First family vacation (and naps by the pool!) with baby nieces m. and e.

Align Center
First baby tricks for L.: So Big! (he can also clap and wave bye bye)

First real swimming for N. Her way of dealing with the unreasonable (to her) rule
that she could not be in the pool without her life jacket
that she NEVER gave in to following.
Fine, she said. I'll just teach myself to swim, then.
And has not worn the life jacket since.

First encounter with scary giant camel head.

First french braids.

First fauxhawk.

First Fourth of July.

Other firsts for which I do not have photographic evidence:
  • First time sleeping on the top bunk.
  • First sighting of a real life rainbow for O., believe it or not. "Now, I just need to see a starfish!" he announced.
  • First time having to explain why Daddy had to talk to the policemen about setting off fireworks on the beach.
  • O. couldn't fall sleep one evening and I was outside watering plants. I noticed little flashes of light in the yard and woods, went in and got him, and soon, he had his first plastic container full of lightning bugs to take to bed with him. He also saw his first "real live bats" gobbling up the mosquitos that were eating us alive.


Heather said...

I LOVE this post! Esp that last pic of L with the sweet!

So many firsts with your little ones. I love that N learned to swim out of spite...what character!

Gabe saw bats for the first time last week as he and I made a fire in the backyard and laid on the playset watching the stars. It was so fun!

Before we know it, back to school will be in our faces, and these memories will be just that. Enjoy them while you can!

Stacia said...

You had me at Dairy Queen. Boy, do I want a Blizzard now!! And that sleeping-in-the-car photo? Hilarious. First French braids? Adorable. First policeman talk? Hysterical! =>

PS: 10 months? How is that possible?

mep said...

But have you given a monkey a shower yet?

I love, love, loved this glimpse of your summer. Mine has been once again dominated by trying to sell our house (though we've squeezed some fun in too) to the point that I've not blogged at all because I don't want to write about it and it's the main thing on my mind. Annoying. Your post has inspired me to try and come up with a post that focuses on the good parts of our summer. Miss you!

Therapist San Francisco said...

This sounds like a fantastic summer! I miss being a little kid and doing these summertime activities. Someday, I'll hopefully have a little one to experience it with.