Sunday, July 17, 2011

Seeking Pick Up Sticks Partner

Just the latest lazy susan cabinet discovery.

Boiling water sanitizes, right?


mep said...

I gave up trying to keep food stuffs in our lazy susan cabinet because of scenes such as the one featured here. For four years, it's been a tangle of mismatched Gladware and, unfortunately, the K-cups for the coffee maker currently hidden in our garage while we show our house. At least once a week, Sweet P finds and manages to puncture a K-cup, trailing coffee grounds throughout the house. You'd think I'd move them, but it just never happens.

Your spaghetti pick-up sticker is pretty stinking cute!

Stacia said...

MEP stole my line: Spaghetti pick-up sticks! How can you not love that expression on his face?

On another note, my little guy is getting in my pantry cabinet thingie, too. He has hidden the teeny jar of tomato paste I bought for a soup recipe I made last week (I bought a teeny jar because I couldn't be exactly sure it was tomato paste and didn't know how or who to ask). It's still missing. Had to make my soup without it. I'm sure it will turn up one of these days ... before we return to the States??

pantry cabinet said...

The little guy is so cute:)