Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Little End of Summer O & N Speak

O., putting a pair of pajama shorts on his head after a bath. "Let me just put my Dry Crazy on for a while. It helps my hair dry, and makes it be crazy."

O., in the beach house pool during a game of 'throw the squishy ball from the balcony into the pool'
"What!? Do you think I am a target or something? Do I have three circles on my face?"

N., adding to her birthday list:
"Mommy, can I please have a Camerican Goyl? The one I want is named Airabecca."

O., drying out his ears after a bath:
"What if a bug was in your ear and there was water in it? It would be a little hot tub for it! Gross, but fun!"

N., contemplative on the play set:
"My favorite things in the whole world are swinging and swimming."

N:, refusing to eat more than two bites at any given sit down meal:
"I am all fulled up!"

O.'s all purpose mild swear/insult:
"Oh, Dinkle Don."

O.'s sometimes pet name for me: "Mrs. McGillicuddy"

O.'s sometimes pet name for J.: "Mr. Forgetti-O" (after he once forgot to take his water bottle to tee-ball practice.)

N., playing in the driveway:
"Isn't it a lovely day, today?"

O., singing a song:
"I'm a little teapot, hot and stiff." (Just glad he didn't continue on to the "then I spout" I may not have been able to keep a straight face.)

N., singing a song:
"Gitchee Gitchee Goo means I love you!"

N., after soccer practice:
"These shoe guards are killin' me. My feets are like raisins. But shoeguads and socks atect you from asquitos."

N., in the backseat:
"Mommy, L. said 'Buuu-Ba.' He is trying to say Bulbasaur!"

Another pet mild swear from O.:
"Those pesky zoning laws!"

O., finally tracking down a lost item in his room:
"I've got you by the tail feathers!"

O., the less than convincing conveyor of sympathy to his sister, every time she is crying about some thing or another:
"Does someone need a hug???"

O., the charmer:
"Yes, Mother. Whatever you say, Mother. From now on, I'm going to do everything you ask!"

N., giggling under the covers at bedtime:
"Mommy, do you know what my favorite chips is? Cheetos! I was just laying here thinking about Cheetos!" (giggling continues for a good five minutes, interrupted by the occasional exclamation: "Cheetos!")


CaraBee said...

I'm still laughing about Mrs. Mcgillicuddy.

And the little tea pot.

I love kid speak.

Stacia said...

"Gross, but fun." So true! About so many things in life!

And hot, stiff teapots? Now that's the way the song ought to be sung! ;)