Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 12 of Gratitude: Handprints on the Wall

This afternoon, J. hung some pictures for me.  It's amazing how happy this makes me.
I have all these ideas for pictures I want to get printed and framed, and never the right combination of frames or prints to get it done.  I imagine groupings and gatherings, artfully arranged on the walls.  I browse Etsy looking for little prints and art that I might like to have on the walls of our basement to counterbalance J.'s framed signed football jersey and Great Lakes beer posters (They are more tasteful than it sounds, but still.)

For a while now, I've been dreaming of a wall of handprint themed art.  On Pinterest, I've created a whole board of seasonal project ideas that involve the kids hands or feet made to look like other things.  I imagine changing them out with the holidays or season, all in coordinating frames.  It hasn't quite happened yet., we made a step toward the goal with a few framed pictures of the kids downstairs, and this little vignette in the family room.   This is not a good photo, but along the right are prints with each of the kids' hands.  On the left, handprints from J. and I when we were around kindergarten age.  Mine is plaster of paris, so I popped it into a shadow box.  J.'s inspired the other ones -- it features the same little poem I put with the ones for the kids.

Sometimes you get discouraged
because I am so small
and always leave my fingerprints
on furniture and walls.

But everyday I’m growing up:
I’ll be tall someday.
And all those little handprints
will surely fade away.

So here’s a special handprint
just so that you can recall
this is how my fingers looked
when I was very small.
Grateful today to have a step towards a house that looks a little more pulled together.  


mep said...

We did those same handprints with that poem when I was little. Wonder if my mom has them somewhere ... they're definitely not framed and arranged as artfully as yours!

Anonymous said...

Somewhere, I have a hand print when I was a little one. I should really get mine out and hang it with ones from my kids. This is really an awesome idea. Of course, it will probably get done somewhere next to never - right along with all my other decorating plans (most pinned up on Pinterest, too haha).

I think your idea of changing the artwork out with the seasons is also a GREAT one!

Spilled Milkshake