Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 14: Sweet Nieces

I'm grateful today, as I am every Monday, that I get to spend time with two sweet baby girls.  I continue to be thankful that my brother and sister in law entrust them to my care (with tons of help from Grandma and Grandpa, for whom I'm grateful every single day) while they are at work.  

I'm so glad that we're getting to know these little ones from the start, and that they are part of our world on a regular basis.  

N. and I are also glad that Aunt E. and Uncle A. allow us to put silly things on their heads on a regular basis.  
Sweet e. with a bow N. and I made for her. 

Cutie m. enjoying a royal meal.

All five cousins together.  
So, so glad that they are getting this opportunity
 to be together each week; 
hopefully on their way to becoming lifelong friends.


Heather said...

The babies look almost as big as L.! My goodness, they are growing fast!

Cousin love is the best...and what a blessing for them that you are able to care for them while their parents are at work. WAY better than any daycare, for sure!

mep said...

Cousin love and friendship is truly something special.

Those girls are beautiful. Great cheeks and expressions. Healthy and happy for sure!

Stacia said...

Love those snaggle-toothed smiles and chubby baby cheeks! Sweet, sweet, sweet.