Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 17 of Gratitude: Smooth Separations

N. went to ballet class this evening.  Normally, she goes on Saturday mornings, for a combination ballet and tumbling class.  It hasn't always gone completely smoothly -- some days she says she doesn't want to stop playing at home with her brothers to go.  Other days she gets through the ballet portion only to throw a fit about going into tumbling.  The last couple of sessions have gone really well, in large part because she saw the costume she's going to get to wear for the Spring Showcase.  It is sparkly and bright blue.  You know, like a mermaid?  The theme is Under the Sea, and she knows I meant it when I said if we bought the costume, there would be no complaining allowed, or else she can't wear it.  And this girl is desperate for as much shiny sparkle as I'll allow.
We can't make it to class this Saturday, so we scheduled a makeup session for tonight.  I had no idea if it would be the same instructor, and obviously the other girls would be different, so I tried to prepare for all possibilities.  After a near failed speech and hearing screening at preschool yesterday because it came right as she walked into school, with no time to play with her best friend, I had no expectations that we'd be seeing anything except tears again tonight.  (And yes, so glad I spent money for a speech evaluation that she conducted mostly in her shyest saddest voice with a tissue pressed up against her face.  Nice.)
But, happily for us, her same teacher was there this evening, N. walked right in and stood on the number she was supposed to, and had a grand old time doing the "Turkey Dance" and marching and skipping and twirling with the other little Indians.  No one chose a Pilgrim hat -- no pretty feathers on that one!

She's growing up, my baby girl.
I'm grateful for all the little steps she's taking to gain confidence and to overcome her natural shyness.

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mep said...

That class looks like the cutest thing ever -- so glad the evening was a success. Always good to be reminded that a rough morning doesn't have to set the tone for the rest of the day!