Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 23 of Gratitude: This Awesome Boy is Mine

Today I'm grateful to have an assistant to conduct today's Real Women of Pinterest tutorial.  
I'm a little busy chopping celery and onions, ironing tablecloths ( I know I said I wasn't going to, but...), and playing goalie at the lazy susan cabinet.  
He's going to tell you about a little activity we conducted last week.  I found the inspiration on Pinterest, but he original project can be found here.  We painted bread with colored milk, then toasted and ate our art!

Check out the video so you can do it, too!  
(Oh, he got food coloring all over his shirt, 
which explains the interesting fashion statement here.)

That didn't really take too long, so we also tried out some mini volcanoes by pouring colored vinegar onto baking soda spread onto a baking sheet.  
Probably should have had them use droppers of some kind like the original inspiration. 

I didn't do a very good job of capturing the 'volcanoes' before it became a lake of mixed colors.

Pretty simple stuff, but O. called his grandparents 
to report what an awesome afternoon we were having!

Make sure to go visit mep at Not to Brag today and every Wednesday as she shares Pinteresting things.  Stacia at Fluffy Bunnies is also playing along with us in Romania!  Please, link your own successes (or failures :))  below!


mep said...

Love O's lesson -- he seems very comfortable in front of the camera! It also makes me smile thinking about the phone call to Grandma and Grandpa about the fun afternoon. Hope your turkeys allowed you to get all ready for Turkey Day!

Stacia said...

It's O. the Science Guy! I think he might have a career as a science teacher. =>

And I spy with my little eye the same de-tangling spray we use sitting on your table!