Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 25 of Gratitude: Technology

Like many of us, I've become pretty blase about the presence of technology in our lives, used to being connected to media pretty much anywhere.  But I am still old enough to remember typing on a typewriter and recording television shows on VHS tapes.*  Heck, I even remember life before VHS tapes.  So it kind of blows my mind a little that I can be typing this blog entry on my laptop and posting pictures to the internet as my husband drives us along the highway on the way to visit his family in Cleveland.

I still want to have some time to read my book while I'm having some quiet time in the front seat, but boy oh boy, it amazing and good to imagine all those pieces of data flying around the air as we travel.

Here's the photo essay of yesterday's Thanksgiving festivities, courtesy the personal hotspot we are so fortunate to have.

Pinterest inspired veggie tray!

Looking at her daddy makes e. laugh every time!

Two pretty ladies.

m. and her dad.

Grandchildren always stuff the turkey!


Dinner Table Before
Where these two spent most of the meal.

*(One of L's favorite pasttimes is dragging out some of my old tapes that are still inexplicably stored in an end table drawer.  It's always a fun little surprise: Oh!  The Claire Danes Romeo & Juliet!  Sliding Doors where Gywneth has great hair!  Oh, Dead Poets Society.  Neil, you can pretend to be Dr. House's friend as much as you want, you'll always be starring in A Midsummers' Night Dream to me.  And Knox!  Stop pretending to be a big shot lawyer on The Good Wife).

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Stacia said...

Love those turkey cookies! I saw those on Pinterest, too. And that "Buddies" photo may have just melted my heart.