Friday, November 11, 2011

Day Eleven of Gratitude: Wonder

Today, I am thankful that I have kids that are still young, enthusiastic, and full of wonder.

O. got out of school early today, and J. took a vacation day.  So we picked him up at school, and headed to the Children's Museum for a couple of hours.  All three kids enjoyed themselves -- it was so fun to let L. lead the way to each new thing he wanted to explore.

We drove to Mt. Adams for dinner afterwards, and treated ourselves to some pretzel bites, chicken wings and garlic fries.  When we came out, we still had a little bit of time before J. and O. had to be at the basketball game they were going to together.  J. and I decided to walk them over to our favorite vantage point to enjoy the view of Cincinnati, but didn't tell them what the destination was.

Being outside after dark is still a little scary and thrilling to our kids. They peeked into the windows of cozily lit restaurants and bars, clearly enthralled.  

O. stopped by the fountain statue of a monk.  "Is this what you wanted us to see?  Cool!"

N. pointed out white Christmas lights in trees hanging over the street.  "Oh, Daddy!  Those are so beautiful!"

(L. just smiled and looked cute in his red hooded jacket.)

Approaching the church that looks out over the city, the kids could see the view as we rounded the corner.

O: "Oh wow!  Look!  You can see the whole city!!"

N: "Oh, this is even more beautiful!"

O. ran over to a model of the city that sits on the overlook and found all the landmarks he could see looking at the lights.  He put his arms out around it, and sang,  "Look!  I've got the whole city.  In my arms. The whole city.  In my arms."

Then he looked out again and said, "This is the best day ever!"

Then the church bells struck the hour, and N. spun and twirled.

We walked back along the same streets where J. and I first met, marveling to be sharing these moments, this city, this life, with three children of our very own.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, you made me cry at the wonder of it. Grateful for all of you! M.

Stacia said...

I've got a goofy grin on my face and I'm all tingly. What a wonderous, wonderful day!

Tricia @ Take 10 With Tricia said...

I'm now realizing you are here in Cincy. I'd love to know specifically where you took the kids to see the city view...