Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day Five of Gratitude Grateful Kids

Yesterday, in a moment of desperation during the witching hour, I pulled out my most recent issue of Family Fun magazine. I was trying to remember the rules to a version of Shut the Box I had seen featured, and when I flipped through the pages, O. saw a page that featured this cute little Thanksgiving gratitude book.

It involves folding squares of construction paper into sort of cootie catcher shapes, then assembling them to form a book that can be all folded up into a stack of squares.

The idea is for kids (or perhaps your Thanksgiving meal guests?) to illustrate the book by drawing and labeling pictures of items for which they are grateful.

I had seen this craft when I paged through the magazine earlier, but was afraid it looked a little too involved for my crafters with short attention spans. But, we gave it a whirl anyway, and I'm happy to report it was a success. O. could do the folding on his own, and N. was able to help with creasing. L. helped by carrying the new markers around, and hid three of them for us to find somewhere else later.

The assembling of the book itself was a little confusing at first, but once I figured it out, it just required a few swipes of glue stick.

Once it was together, the kids got right to the drawing.
N. narrated as she was drawing. "I am thankful for my family, and my brother. This is O. I am thankful for the Browns football, and my ribbons. I am thankful for God. And a ribbon, and another ribbon and a ribbon."

I am sorry to say I can't really distinguish which of her drawings are which, though I do know the lines are the ribbons.

O. took a little inspiration from the model in the magazine,
but I think truly meant the things that he drew.

Earth; Our Dog;

Food (his picture is of grilled cheese,
but he tells me it is representative of all food.
"Because without food, we would die, right Mom?");

Family; TV

O.: "If we didn't have TV, how would we know the weather?"
Me: "Well, we could always walk outside and check."
O.: "Oh yeah, and get all rained on. That would be fun. And what if it was a tornado? That wouldn't be good AT ALL."
N., inspecting O.'s book, asked "Didn't you put God on yours? I put God on mine."

Today I'm grateful for a cute little craft, deceptively do-able, that occupied us for nearly an hour before dinner, and also for kids that are really starting to understand the concept of gratitude.


mep said...

Lovely on every level. N. and her ribbons and Browns football and God. O and his dog and Earth. I don't subscribe to Family Fun and am not sure if my middle guy could manage this craft quite yet, but you've inspired me to check out the Pinterest thing about 7 gratitude crafts that I pinned without investigating.

Heather said...

Raising grateful kids is SO important, especially in today's society. We can all learn something from being more grateful for the things we have, instead of always yearning for the things we don't. What a great activity! I'm totally copying this idea! (Hope you don't mind :)

Stacia said...

How adorable is his little backward "g" on "dog"?? And L.'s contribution is equally adorable, as are N.'s line-ribbons. =>