Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day Ten of Gratitude: Words with Friends

Today, I had coffee with some friends I hadn't seen all together in quite a while.  We've known each other since our now six and a half year olds were less than a year old.  Man, that is starting to seem like a long time ago, already. We used to get together almost every week, back when playgroup was nearly as necessary as the sleep we weren't getting.  We drank coffee and commiserated about the tough parts of new motherhood.  Had all the conversations about potty training, picky eating, separation anxiety and choosing preschools.  Best of all, we laughed a lot.  

Once those kids hit preschool and kindergarten, and it was a lot harder for us to coordinate schedules, so we only ran into each other once in a while, and hardly ever all at once. Our kids have found other friends in their new classmates, and don't exactly need each other anymore.  But friends are hard to come by when you're a grown up.  I don't live in a neighborhood with a lot of young families, and obviously I don't go to work with other adults, so I've had to work at maintaining connections with other adults in my same stage of life. I treasure the friendships I've been able to make, and wish that the day to day mayhem of life with small children did not keep me as isolated as it often does.

Now those former playgroup kids are first graders, three of them actually in the same class this year! Since none of us have yet returned to work full time outside the home, we decided we could finally revive the playgroup -- this time without the pretense of sticking those kids in the other room to play.  Today was our first reunion, at my house because I'm the only one who still has a baby that needs to take a nap in the morning.  It was good to laugh with these women over coffee again. We actually had a few full sentences, uninterrupted by a fight over whose turn it is to ride in the Cozy Coupe, or a baby that needed to nurse.  We're not exactly "ladies of leisure who lunch," so I know we won't be able to get together nearly as often as we once did.  However, I'm grateful for these women who have known me as long as I've been a mom, and I hope we make it a point to stay connected.

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Melissa Landers said...

It was awesome seeing you again--an actual, sit-down visit--and I'm so glad you took the time to coordinate the get-together! We should try for once a month. :-)