Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tree Time

I already filled you in on some of the post-decoration Christmas tree drama around here this year.  So far,  the wire and Jenga blocks are continuing to keep it upright, and my glue gun is keeping up with the L.-associated breakage.  Here's a photo essay of the choosing and decorating the tree this year. 

Animals!  L. making his standard growling noise for all creatures.

L., sick of being manhandled by his siblings.

Anxious to get in the straw maze.

Three of my favorite men.

Lights on!

First ornament on the tree.  N. has been playing with this angel for two months now,
 and talking about putting it on the tree.

Is this one considered fragile, Mom?





Heather said...

Where did you get your tree? That looks like fun!

I love that last picture of L!

mep said...

Tree looks great and good for you, having that glue gun at the ready. I started a box for Santa's ornament workshop about three years ago. Broken ones go in, but they never come out again. Someday ....

Stacia said...

Love your pint-sized performers/decorators/baby wranglers! Those last two photos are my favorite because I'm an absolute sucker for babies in overalls. =>