Friday, January 27, 2012


On this week's installment of "just how ridiculous is my life?"...

There are five, FIVE, opened boxes of cereal on my counter.

Oh wait, toddler just dragged a box of the "healthy" marshmallow type I stopped buying because he only eats the marshmallows and leaves all the cereal on his tray out of the back of the cereal cupboard.  And is ripping the box open himself and feeding it to the dog.  So make that SIX.

Close gate so baby doesn't fall down stairs trying to go down.  Open gate so dog doesn't fall down stairs trying to go up.

I mopped the floor yesterday.  Actual, move the chair out of the room and mop underneath the table and everything mopping.  While I was upstairs changing the baby out of his milk soaked clothes, someone knocked a bowl of cereal milk onto the floor.  (I think it was the dog.  She can't hear, see, or walk quite right, but apparently she can climb up on the table.)  I pick up the dog off the floor where she has gotten stuck in a sprawled out position, and move the chairs again to mop up.

In the meantime, my own toast breakfast has burned.  I made extra because I knew as soon as it was ready, someone else would want some.  Now there is only one piece left in the loaf.

I just made a new cup of coffee because mine was still sitting on the table, cold, again.


Heather said...

Uck, what a day.

Here's to hoping that the weekend just gets better.

mep said...

Except that I don't have a dog, don't drink coffee, and don't mop my floor, I KNOW this story.

Stacia said...

My little guy likes to feed his afternoon snack to the dog. Some days, I consistently tell him no. Other days, I just say to hell with it because they're both quiet and happy and that suits Mommy fine.

PS: Hope you got some hot lunch, at the very least! =>