Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Wearing of the Green

St. Patrick's Day fell on a Saturday this year. The weather was glorious.  March Madness was in full swing, with our team still in it.  (Sorry, Irish fans.  Really.)   Ideally, that should have meant a day hanging out on the patio of a pub, drinking some Guinness or a pint of cider and listening to an Irish band.  At least that's my husband's fantasy March 17th.  I'll admit, it does not sound bad.  

However, these days in the Small World, St. Pat's is a little less about the green beer and a little more about the wee lads and lasses that live in our house.  It looks a little more like this:

Shamrock stamping done with green peppers and poster paint.

N.'s version.  I think she said the pink outline was a dinosaur eating the shamrock?

Another "Irish" craft.  Paper plate leprechauns!
I tried to convince the kids that leprechauns had left this breakfast for them.  They weren't buying it.  I KNEW not having that darn elf live with us at  Christmas would come back to bite us.  They did enjoy the Lucky Charms and tiny stack of pancakes, even if they knew I made it.

Lunch.  Green eggs and ham.  I didn't go so far as to read the book to them as we ate, but I did quote it extensively when N. refused to even touch hers.  Much eye rolling in response to my "In a box!  With a fox!  He did like it when he tried it!  He would eat it in a house!  He would eat it with a mouse!"

J. gamely being enthusiastic about my green foods snack tray, and the shirt I bought him to wear for the day!

This big kid ate some pickles and cucumbers and grapes, while I tried not to get too emotional about not being along for his first haircut.  

We went outside to explore the green grass and nature, and found this salamander in our yard.

See?  Big kid.

 Lucky, lucky me.


Heather said...

LOVE the way you celebrated! That baby's not so much a baby these days, is he? (sob, I know...I remember. My baby is seven and in the first grade, for heaven's sake).

And thank you so much for the donation for my team for the Heart Mini! You put us over the top, meeting my goal of $1000 for the American Heart Association. Very unexpected and much appreciated!

I'm ready for a meet up at Panera. Or the Nature Center. Or both! Let's pick a day, soon!

mep said...

Okay, you are totally Mother of the Year for your St. Patrick's Day spirit. I'll share my (lesser) efforts if I ever get around to posting again! Love that last picture.

Stacia said...

Well, dinosaurs DO like to eat shamrocks, or so I hear. =>

KBI said...

Thanks, for sharing such a beautiful thing with us.