Saturday, April 28, 2012

Seven? Oh, all right. I guess I'll let you be seven.

Yesterday Stacia was kind enough to ask me to join her poetry celebration in honor of National Poetry Month.  I was so very honored.  

She also said it would be okay for me to include the poem I wrote for O. here as well.  Today's his birthday, so here in the Small World, it's all about him.  He's turning seven, but as usual, the lucky one is me.  I love you, buddy.

Haiku for Seven
      --for O.

 Tomorrow, seven!
A big kid,; it’s official.
How did this happen?

First boy of my heart,
whose newborn wails echo when
springtime windows open,

I miss morning nests
on the couch, reading Harry
and nursing, nursing.

I miss your backhoes,
trains, trucks, tractors, balls, and cranes.
Teach your brother soon.

Now when no kids wake
at night, it’s worry keeps me
up in the wee hours.

Thinking of you out
in the world, braving your way
on paths I won’t know.

This, the year you left
dinos for Pokemon, glad
animals still rule.

Fan of your break dance,
sibling kindness, fearless joy
on two wheels of bike.

I love your magic,
pranks and all; tae kwon do moves;
your Tiger Cub hat.

Not so your fart jokes,
back talking, button pushing,
all that growing up.

Nighttime snuggles still
are needed for hours, it seems.
When patience is thin.

Not room for two there,
You flop and never settle.
“One more minute please?”

“How does coffee taste?
What makes a hearing aid work?
Why is some skin brown?”

Then you ask the one
 all kids find their way to, and
answer for yourself.

“L. is the baby,
and N. is your girl, but
I made you a mom.”

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Dunno...

How did he get to be so cute?  

I "dunno" either.