Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hot on the Farm

It's a hot one.  How do I know?  N. told me so.

"Mom.  I am so hot I feel like I am in a stove!"

"Mom.  I am as hot and hungry as a bull.  I am snorting and about to run."

"Mom.  I am boiling like I am in a pot!"

"Mom.  I am thirsty as a flower."

Smudge on my lens, but N. was SO thrilled about the pony ride, I can't resist posting this anyway.

My favorite creatures.
Perhaps we shouldn't have chosen a day expected to hit 93 degrees to visit the farm.  But, do they make days anything other than hot around here these days??

There were some pigs in one enclosure, and one of the workers told us that they put sunscreen on the pigs that morning.  Two enjoyed it, the third wanted nothing to do with it.  That third pig was nosing around the outside of the pen rooting around looking like it was searching for food.  O's take?  "I think that one is looking for food, hoping it is lunchtime.  But no lunch for her.  No sunscreen, no lunch.  That's consequences."

Okay, so since I've broken the dry blogging spell with this winner of a post, might as well share a few other examples of O., and N. speak.

O.:  "I am never getting married.  I don't want some lady bossing me around."
N.  "Oh yes, you will.  Someday you will fall in love."

N.:  "I know how to do that.  Totally."

N.:  "Mom!  No never sit in that chair on the deck with the bird poop on it.  There was a wasp building a nest in it."

O.:  "N.!  You are screaming like a girl!
N.:  "Well. I AM a girl."

Hopefully more to come from me sooner rather than later...

P.S.  I haven't been entirely silent on the blogging front. Recently, my bible study ladies and I embarked on a project of gratitude for the observable gifts of our ordinary everyday lives,  inspired by our reading of the book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.

The resulting blog can be found at Up From the Church Basement.


Anonymous said...

We must be in sync. Was missing your posts and thought I'd read some old ones...was so happy to see something new posted this very day. EM...

Stacia said...

That's consequences indeed. So glad to hear your voice tonight! Read your voice? You know what I mean. =>

Molly said...

Personally I like L's face in the cow picture best.