Thursday, December 13, 2012


More photos.
New dog.
We love her.
She is energy defined, but also knows how to take some amazing naps.
Finally she needs a little obedience.
Say, to come when called, and stay within the invisible fence ALL the time, not run off the retaining wall after squirrels, or dart off into other people's porches and garages.  Say, to leave diapers in the trash can, underwear in the laundry basket, and wooden puzzle pieces in the puzzles.  Say, not to jump up on every new person in the house.  Say, to not make me look like an idiot by racing in laps around the house just out of reach every time I need to put her in her crate.
She has found her favorite spots on every couch, chair and bed, proving we are indeed "dog on the furniture people."
She fetches toys, something that makes J. happy.  
She snuggles on laps, something that makes my children happy.  
She is sweet, sweet, sweet, something that makes me happy.
We're so glad we welcomed her into our life.
Sweet Hazel.


mep said...

Welcome, Sweet Hazel! You've found yourself a wonderful family to join!

Anonymous said...

What a spunky girl! My Polly never met a squirrel she didn't want to chase either, even in her old age. And luckily, we've had good luck with both dogs leaving diapers alone, save a few good, long sniffs.