Thursday, January 10, 2013


Every day, at one point or another, I get a little pang of panic that I'm letting days and weeks and months go by without documenting the moments.  And then the laundry or the wrestling on the floor with couch pillows or the toast burning or the diaper stinking distracts me. And then it is again 10:30 at night and I can't stand the thought of sitting down at the computer to try to sort out a coherent thought.

Perhaps it's why I keep waking up at 2AM with sleep the furthest thing away from my mind's agenda.  One of these nights I'll sort through the anxiety and make myself sit down to write, so there's some useful thing to come from those hours...

In the meantime, here are some of the thoughts that keep coming to me again and again when I miss writing on this blog.

We went to Disney World a month or so ago, the place where everyone's a child again.  Instead, my children all grew up before my eyes.  L. started talking in sentences.  N. handled herself like a big school aged kid, capable of new things and ready to ride all the thrill seeker rides.  O., who was sick for a portion of the trip, for the most part sucked it up and carried on.

So, before he's suddenly a teenager and I've missed ALL the cute stuff, a sampling of L-speak.  Some of this has been replaced even since I wrote it down a couple of weeks ago, replaced by this constant running commentary.  Like having my own little two year old play by play guy, narrating the action, and yes, constantly pointing out the questionable calls.

L.'s favorite things:

Tandy:  as in Pez, chocolate, and most especially "sutters", Dum-Dum's preferred.

'Top!:  as in, no more kissing me, no more hugging me, and most especially, no more singing any sort of song to me.

Mitty Mouse, Tidder, Winnie Pooh, Pih-it -- all who need many hugs.

Backhoes:  Every morning in the construction-heavy parking lot of N.'s preschool:  "Man ride it?" "Digging."  "Youd." (Loud)

Teriel:  At least two bowls full each morning.  With milk.  Best if marshmallow type.

Dooce:  (Could be any of the following:  Juice, Shoes, or Downstairs.)

'Rain:  Doesn't need to be Thomas.  But does need to be loud and fast.

Cheese:  Preferably orange and square.  Only partially unwrapped so he can do the rest himself.

Yo-urt:  Any old kind is fine.

Roni:  (Matti-roni if he's excited.)  Blue box is good, but bunny kind is better.

Ice Neem.  In a cone with yinkles.

"Do Puzzle? Mitty Mouse One? Very Fun!"  As the last piece is placed:  "You did it!!"

Air-pains.  Riding in them is also "Vewy fun."

First Sentence: "Get out here pease, Hay-el", to the dog, whom he did not want under his crib any longer.

Favorite answers to questions:
"Eye Uh Oh"  (murmured to sound exactly like "I dunno" with no enunciation.)

"Idea."  (ie:  I have no idea.  As in: Where I put that thing that doesn't belong to me.  Who made that mess.  Why I didn't tell you I had to pee.)

Bedtime routine, as verbally dictated step by step:
'Nother Book.
Light, off.
Door, close.
Stars, blue.  (on turtle night light)
Noopy!  (ie: get my stuffed Snoopy right here under my arm, now!)
Added since Christmas:  Doddie Yankew  (cover me in that comfy dog blanket Aunt Beth gave me for Christmas!)

Least favorite things:

Anything "Tawy"  (Scary), like for example Durdles.  (turtles)

Standing up to pee in the potty.

Walking on his own in any public place.  Stops on a dime, throws arms up in air, runs in place, screaming all the while:  "Upppeee.  Uuupppeeee!"  Every nice lady in the vicinity looks meanly at me and says "oh, is he okay?"  Yes, he's okay.  He's nearly two and a half, and has clear use of his legs, and if I don't stop carrying him everywhere, I will soon have a permanently deformed hip.

Any sort of food that is not "teriel" "cheese" or "tandy"  Think he thrives on sugar dust.

Favorite bad words:
"No way!"
"What da heck!"
"Butt Cheeks."

*Yes, someday I'll write a post with details and pictures...

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We love ice neem with yinkles, too!