Friday, September 5, 2014

Happy 7, N.!

Happy Birthday, N.  You told me today that you don't really want to be seven because it means you won't be a little girl anymore.  My heart agrees, but the rest of me loves the wonderful light your growing up self brings to our lives.  As always, you are sweet, kind, funny and brave.  You care about and gently care for everything, large and small.  Adorable animals, both real and big eyed plush make you swoon and squeal.  You love flank steak, crafting, LaLa Loopsies and Junie B.  Watch far too much Jessie and Full House.  Gymnast, dancer, strong swimmer and fast runner, you are still unafraid to do it all Thank you for inspiring me to be fearless in fashion and style.  It is pure pleasure and privilege to be your mom.

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