About Me

I'm a former teacher, sometimes poet, now mostly mom and wife.

I've been a writer in one way or another my whole life, from the time I handwrote scripts for puppet shows, and typed newspapers on the manual typewriter I got for my ninth? birthday.

I spent ten years teaching high school English, which is one sure way to never have time to write or read anything you want to.  I also did a  graduate degree in creative writing. I loved the writing and the talking about writing part of that, but not the politics or the ambition and ego necessary to be a 'successful' poet.

I always knew I'd have to keep writing, but most of the stuff I wanted to write -- the funny, sometimes poignant takes on on my life --  never seemed to have a home outside my own little notebooks.

And then there was blogging.

And  now there is a place for me to share my own observations of my small life, and my attempts to make meaning of moments.  It's my way of making sure that I don't "measure out my life in coffee spoons," if you'll pardon a little J. Alfred Prufrock.

We're all initials here, mostly so that my kids can't come back to me in indignation about what a google search turns up about them.  The cast of characters includes J., my sometimes curmudgeonly but always dear and devoted husband; O. the firstborn boy; N. our resident princess; and L.: the new son on the block.  There's was Scout the dog, best dog ever made, occasionally showing up in cameos, but she's no longer with us, so now there's goofy Hazel instead.   Not sure how she got to keep her full name.

You may occasionally see me express an interest in something other than recording the goings on in my children's lives, and those posts will probably involve books, television, food and gardening.  It is my dream that someday there will be more of those, and less potential discussion of poop and sleep disturbances.

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